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CSGO Gambling is really simple.

To bet on a CS:GO match, you would simply put money on one team to win. This is called a ‘Winner’ or a ‘Head to Head’ bet.

Think of a Winner bet as the main betting market for a match. Sitting under the Winner betting market, there are a series of additional markets you can also bet on. These are called additional betting markets or exotic betting markets. This type of betting is becoming increasingly popular. An example of these markets are: Map Handicap, Total Maps, 1st Map Winner, 1st Map Round Handicap, 1st Map Total Rounds, 1st Map Will there be overtime, 2nd Map Winner, 3rd Map Winner, 1st Map First Kill & Correct Score.

Today, player-specific bets are available at some bookmakers as well. These are usually exclusive promotional offers and can provide great value to bettors who can predict the performance of a certain player. For example, you can bet on whether ZywOo of Team Vitality will get over 43.5 kills in a match of CS:GO. Usually, these types of bets have specific terms and conditions that are advisable to read before you make your bet.

Once you have registered and found a match that you want to place a bet on, simply select one of the many options on offer and add it to your bet slip. If your bet will win, the money will be paid out to your account.

Your win total will depend on the odds on offer. The most commonly used odds format used in csgo betting are called ‘decimal odds’. Decimal odds are favoured in countries like Australia and Denmark, and it is a simple and clear way to calculate how much you could win on a specific game of CS:GO. For example, if the odds are 2.00 for Team Vitality to win against Team Liquid, a $10 bet would return $20, with $10 of that amount being your original stake. Keep in mind that ‘Fractional odds’ and ‘Moneyline odds’ are also used in the United Kingdom and North America, respectively, but decimal odds are the most common in esports.

It is also possible to combine multiple bets together and increase the odds. These types of bets are commonly referred to as ‘multipliers’ or ‘accumulators’ and are a good option for those who want to have a chance of winning big.

It is important to place your bet with a gambling company that is safe and legal. The PickleBet company is licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government, which ensures player safety. If you need to ask a question or have any other concerns, please contact our support team and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Our office is operated out of Brisbane, Australia, and we are available to answer questions that you may have.

In 2021, you can place bets on a great number of CS:GO matches, including matches from the best and most popular esports events in the world. Today, a lot of the games are played online, which gives players a great number of matches to bet on. Every day, new events and tournaments are becoming available. Never has esports, and CS:GO in particular, been as popular as it is today. In February 2021, CS:GO reached a total of more than one million concurrent players. In Denmark, even the prime minister of the country turned up at the Astralis office to play a game of CS:GO! Not just that, but you may even find a CS:GO themed meal at a certain fast-food restaurant in Denmark, which shows just how good the game is.

Every year, fans gather at tournaments to watch the best play a game of CS:GO and put on a show for the fans. At these tournaments, it is often possible to bet on which team will win the entire event. These bets are usually called ‘outright bets’. They are a good option for those who want to predict the winner of an event, rather than the winner of a specific game. Betting on favourites will give you a very limited return on your investment, but the odds are usually long on underdogs. A good example of this was at BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen, Denmark, where FaZe grabbed first at odds of 18.00! Previous unlikely winners include Cloud9 at the ELEAGUE Boston Major and Gambit at PGL Krakow.

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Picklebet Offer A Licensed and Regulated Place For Esport Betting

Picklebet is a licensed, regulated and trusted Australian-based Esports betting platform. Picklebet offers the most advanced experience in Esports betting for Australians who are looking to bet on their favourite teams or players. With Picklebet, you can place bets with confidence knowing that your funds are safe and secure - all transactions are processed through our ultra secure servers and SSL encryption technology.

Thousands Of Winning Fans Get The CS:GO Betting Odds With Picklebet

  • CS:GO is a fast paced, action packed Esport. This makes it an exciting game to watch and bet on.
  • A match usually lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes, meaning you don’t have much time before your successful bets start paying or when you want to re-enter the game and try again.
  • CS:GO is a game that can be bet on at any time, all year long.
  • One reason CS:GO gambling is more exciting than other esports is that CS:GO is easier to follow.
  • Picklebet has become one such site where players can enjoy legal, licensed CS:GO betting with great benefits and rewards.

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