Welcome OG Reborn
Welcome OG Reborn

Esports organization OG has announced a new Dota 2 roster. The team will perform in the Dota Pro Circuit season 2021/2022. The announcement was made on their official website.

Author: rand 1919
rand 1919
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24th Nov, 21·☕️ 2 min read

OG representatives noted that they deliberately gathered a roster of young and promising players, talents. Two members of the new team - Ammar “ATF” Assaf and Bozhidar “Biziem” Bogdanov - are 16 years old. According to OG’s plan, Dota 2 players will become a close-knit team. They already have two key qualities for champions - unconditional skill and passion for the game.

The team will be organizing a bootcamp in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The team’s mentor will be Johan “n0tail” Sundstein, who took a break from his player’s career, as he announced it recently, together with Topson.

OG Dota 2022:

Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev (formerly spAce) Bozhidar “Biziem” Bogdanov (formerly Hansha) Ammar “Ammar The F” Al-Assaf (formerly ATF) Tommy “Taiga” Le Mikhail “Misha” Agatov (Captain)

“Quite rarely you find people that are competent in many fields. He is a very quick learner. We saw how he was with us, and how much he learned in a very short time. Misha is a fantastic Dota player, mind and leader.”N0tail about Misha

“Taiga is a great player, we all have seen that. But we believe Taiga’s best dota is still ahead of him. He is just getting started”N0tail about Taiga

“We see Ammar in pubs all the time. Crazy kid. Very skillful. With a little guidance, I think he is going to be fantastic. I mean, he already is. But he will be even better! Is going to be fun watching him own safelaners”N0tail about Ammar The F

“The younger the better. Beziem is really impressive. I got to see him last year with Creepwave and in pubs. And I think ATF is really good as well. I really like both. Young and motivated. Open to new ideas.”Topson about Beziem

“For the carry position we wanted someone who had the versatility to play many of the heroes, and the drive to learn how to play them perfectly. We believe that we are going to have a lot of this CIS magic in the safe lane”JMR Luna about Yuragi

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