Rainbow Six Daily Betting Tips - June 10th
Rainbow Six Daily Betting Tips - June 10th

Six Masters leaders Wildcard Gaming look to consolidate their top spot in the standings on Wednesday. We break down the two games with predictions from Wednesday’s Rainbow Six action.

Author: Nikhil Kalro
Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
10th Jun, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Team Ferox v Sinister

Sinister (1.52)

Sinister have been one of the most consistent teams in the Six Masters this season. Hence, the odds of just above 1.50, which is a fair reflection of their level of prowess so far. In 12 games, they have won 8. They were displaced by Okami on Tuesday and subsequently slipped down to third on the standings. They have a chance to regain their spot on Wednesday when they face Ferox. Sinister have won 78 rounds so far, second most in the Six Masters, a clear indicator of their offensive skill.

Team Ferox don’t seem to be in the same echelon as Sinister despite being just a few games behind. They have split their 10 games to date, which means they are now seventh in the Six Masters. Ferox were troubled by Kanga Esports in their previous game. Although they eventually came through 8-7, 7-4, it showed that there are some holes in their game.

Wildcard Gaming v Pittsburgh Knights

Wildcard Gaming (1.19)

Despite having played fewer games, Wildcard Gaming are still first in the Six Masters standings. They have played 10 games and have lost just one of those. That is how consistent they have been. Their skill and experience is undoubted but can they keep up this form and momentum right through the next few weeks? I’d say yes. In their previous round of fixtures, they comfortably cruised past Elevate 7-5, 7-3. And Elevate aren’t a bad team at all.

Pittsburgh Knights haven’t been too bad this season. They have split their 12 games down the middle, and have won six so far. That has pushed them to fourth in a rather crowded mid-table. They have lost 62 rounds this season while Wildcard Gaming have lost just 41. That difference is stark. Pittsburgh Knights’ confidence might be hit as well after losing both games against Okami in their previous round.