ptr retires from CS:GO
ptr retires from CS:GO

"Dirty Peek Pete" hangs up his mouse, plans to pursue poker career

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4th Aug, 21·☕️ 2 min read

After a career spanning over six years, Peter “ptr” Gurney has announced that he is retiring from CS:GO. The 31-year-old North American AWPer took to twitter to announce his departure.

“I’d like to announce that today I’m retiring from CSGO.” ptr wrote in a statement on twitter.

With most of the action happening in Europe, we have seen several CS:GO pros in North America move to Valorant. However, it appears as if ptr has no plans of pursuing a career in Riot’s shooter, with Poker being his game of choice.

“It’s been a long journey full of great experiences and many hardships. I wanna thank everyone who has supported me through out the years. I’ll be focusing full time on poker and working hard to further my game.”

ptr is one of North America’s most experienced players, having played for several well-renowned organizations in the region such as NRG, CLG and Complexity. In recent time, he has played for Bad News Bears, whom he helped win several ESEA Cash Cups. 

It has yet to be announced who will take ptr’s place on Bad News Bears, who are currently ranked №57 in HLTV’s world rankings.