Picklebet version 5.1 has launched!

Picklebet version 5.1 is here! The main features of this version include our promotions page, some user interface tweaks, site performance improvements and codeless deposit bonuses.

Damon Oudejans
Picklebet Co-Founder
23rd Jul, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Picklebet Version 5.1

Picklebet version 5.1 is here! The main features of this version include our new Promotions Page, user interface tweaks, site performance improvements and codeless Deposit Bonuses.

Below is a list of the improvements we’ve made:

  • We’ve added a Search Bar towards the top of the Bet screen so you can quickly find the matches you want to bet on.
  • You can now filter matches by multiple games, as well as multiple tournaments.
  • You can now see upcoming and outright matches displayed simultaneously on the Bet page.
  • We’ve made several back-end site performance improvements to speed up the site.
  • We’ve improved animation and user interface responsiveness.
  • We’ve added site-wide Betslip / Odds display, which means you can now access your Betslip from anywhere on the site, and bet on markets from within content articles.

Codeless Deposit Bonuses

Previously when we issued Deposit Bonuses you would need to enter a code in order to claim the Bonus Cash. This was a bit of a pain, particularly if a code was accidentially entered incorrectly.

Moving forward you’ll no longer need to enter a code when claiming a Deposit Bonus. We’ll simply apply the Deposit Bonus to your account and let you know (via email and / or text) that there’s a Deposit Bonus waiting for you.

Then when you deposit, the Bonus Cash will be automatically credited to your account.

We’ve also added a section within Account Settings called ‘Bonus Offers,’ where you can easily check your current Bonus Offers.

Promotions Page

We’ve listened to your feedback and are happy to announce we’ve launched the first version of our Promotions Page. The first version will include the following Promos:

  • Multi of the Week. Hit the highest paying multi for the week and win $250 in promo cash. Learn more.
  • Place a 4+ leg multi, and if one leg fails get bonus cash back up to $50. This promo is applied to the first eligible multi of each day. Learn more.
  • Double Your Winnings. Pick the winner of selected matches or tournaments and double your winnings in bonus cash up to $50. Learn more.
  • CSGO Player line markets for unders and overs for headshot %, total kills, total assists etc.

Thanks to all of those who have provided feedback, it’s greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to continuing to improve upon the site so we can deliver a perfect betting experience.


Picklebet Team.


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