Picklebet Pick'ems is here!

Picklebet Pick'ems is here!

Damon Oudejans
Picklebet Co-Founder
21st May, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

G’day Punters,

We have been cooking up something special for a little while now and we are happy to say the day has arrived for it to be released into the wild.

The new product we are launching is a free to play pick’ems platform.

What is Pick’ems?

  • Pick’ems is a tipping competition.
  • Each pick’ems contest provides a range of esports matches to pick from.
  • To enter, you must pick the teams you think will win, from the matches available.
  • Points are awarded for each correct pick made.
  • The players who accumulate the most points win and split the cash prize pool.

What are Points?

  • Each pick has a point value assigned to it.
  • The points are based on the actual odds for the match offered on our Betting platform
  • The higher the points for a pick, the less likely it is to win, but the more points you are rewarded with if they do!

Key Information

  • Contests are free to enter.
  • When you win, you win cash! 💰
  • We will run multiple pick’ems competition every week. So be sure to check the site regularly so you don’t miss out.
  • You can change your pick for any match before it goes live.
  • Contests may be based around a specific tournament, or they may consist of a range of unrelated matches.

If you want to learn more check out our FAQs here.

We are excited to launch pick’ems and look forward to getting your feedback, so we can rapidly build this into the best damn esports pick’ems on the web.


Picklebet Team


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