Oceanic Esports League Week 7 Recap: Meet Your Six Playoff Teams
Oceanic Esports League Week 7 Recap: Meet Your Six Playoff Teams

After seven weeks of non-stop Australian Dota 2 action, the top six teams moving on to the playoffs of the Oceanic Esports League has finally been determined.

Maouie Reyes
Freelance Esports Writer
2nd Jun, 20·☕️ 5 min read

The road to securing one of the coveted main event slots was arduous, to say the least. Each team had to go through a double round-robin group stage filled with two-games series, amounting to a grand total of 90 games played. The top four teams with the most wins have been seeded on the upper bracket, while those who ended up in the fifth to sixth places will have to take a riskier road down the lower bracket.

Without further ado, let us introduce the top teams competing for the first-ever Oceanic Esports League championship title. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your magic six:

Flash Point Gaming


  • Davis
  • Tekcor
  • Game is Hard
  • Kouros1ve (Captain)
  • Bronni (Sub)
  • TBIZ (Sub)

This team needs no introduction. They held the top spot of the standings since day one and refused to let go. They ended the seven-week group stages raking up the 25 wins, the most out of nine other participants. They were literally undefeatable until the fourth week of the tournament. They were one of the fastest teams to clinch a spot in the playoffs. And it won’t really be much of a surprise if they ended up winning the whole thing.

Sincerely Fury


  • Zellyfish
  • MiggelZ
  • Grannythighs
  • WtHung
  • Fury (Captain)
  • Vynato (Sub)

Much like Flash Point Gaming, Sincerely Fury is a force to be reckoned with. They have established themselves as the second-best team in the league, yet some may argue that they can easily be the best just by waking up on the right side of the bed. After all, their one-two punch is composed of Zellyfish and MiggelZ, two players who, at some point in Austalia’s tight-knit competitive Dota 2 community, are recognized to be the best players in their respective roles.

S A D B O Y S . A U


  • Buzzkin
  • LoseYourself (Captain)
  • 6ixerMaris
  • Snowy
  • Hypeman
  • MGC (Sub)
  • Pladapus (Sub)

Don’t let S A D B O Y S . A U’s rather slow start in the group stage fool you, this team is brimming with talent. Led by their electric midlaner, LoseYourself, SB has spent the latter half of the pre-playoffs being unstoppable. They were taking games off of league leaders, and this was made possible by Buzzkin’s return to the starting lineup as a greedy support player. It was like fitting the final piece of a complicated puzzle. Now that they’re complete, all that’s left for us to do is admire the beauty of their brand of Dota.

Adió Chula


  • Spazzy
  • Rin
  • Friffles
  • BlackSanta
  • Boonz (Captain)
  • Phynx (Sub)
  • HoboD (Sub)

Adió Chula is an embodiment of the never say die spirit. Their name is rarely mentioned whenever there’s a discussion about the best team in the league. Though it may be understandable given that they have spent the majority of the group stages defeating teams that are weaker than them and losing to teams that are stronger than them. The element of surprise may be far from their best trait, but you can definitely count on them on being consistent. Who knows, maybe there are more tricks up in Adió Chula’s sleeves?

Sweaty Soldiers


  • Rizz
  • Cosi
  • Lon (Captain)
  • KeslyBoy
  • Mishap
  • Cloudy (Sub)
  • Davai Llama (Sub)

The dark horse in the race. Contrary to Adió Chula’s consistency, Sweaty Soldiers is a team that is full of surprises. They can pull off a massive upset against the league’s most formidable contestant, then lose to a team that they shouldn’t be losing to in the first place. Their unpredictability is the main reason why they should never be taken lightly. Starting their playoff run in the lower bracket may be a part of their plan. As Sun Tzu’s wisdom foretold, “Appear weak when you are strong.”

Burger Flippers


  • Baosu
  • Xemistry
  • Farnsworth
  • Zavier (Captain)
  • Jiren
  • TCG (Sub)
  • Steezebeans (Sub)

Despite being starred by big names, Burger Flippers’ journey to the playoffs wasn’t as easy as expected. Their final stretch before the playoffs almost cost them their slot. They started the week as a potential upper bracket contender but ended up taking the final seed in the lower bracket. Nevertheless, this somewhat moment of complacency shouldn’t define the extent of their potential. When all is said and done, we’re still talking about a team empowered by Xemistry.

The Oceanic Esports League double-elimination playoffs will transpire from June 1 to June 6, 2020. All matches will be broadcasted live on their official Twitch channel starting 18:00 AEST. For more information about the tournament, check out the official Oceanic Esports League website and give their Facebook and Twitter pages a follow.