Oceanic Esports League Week 4 Recap: Burger Flippers Make Flash Point Gaming Bleed

The Oceanic Esports League, by far, has been a Flash Point Gaming show, but in week 4 an unlikely squad gave them a taste of their own medicine. We break down Week 4 of the Oceanic Esports Dota League.

Maouie Reyes
Freelance Esports Writer
11th May, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

The Oceanic Esports League, by far, has been a Flash Point Gaming show. Right from the start, they showed everyone that with their pristine win-loss record after three weeks and 24 games against eight unique teams into the two-game series group stages, they mean nothing but business. The halfway point of the tournament was just supposed to be another week in the office for Kouros1ve’s squad until Burger Flippers finally gave them a dose of their own 2-0 medicine.

If there was a team that could potentially pierce through Flash Point Gaming’s seemingly impenetrable armor, the top of mind bet should go to Sincerely Fury, who sits one spot below the top-dogs in terms of standings. Though they were able to give the squad their first loss, Fury and the boys ultimately lacked the firepower to close with a convincing sweep. The credit instead went to the unlikely, but an undeniably formidable, team led by Xemistry.

Burger Flippers has been a kind of a hit-or-miss squad. On one day, they’ll give Team Poyo a hard-fought win, then on another, they’ll pull off the greatest upset against the strongest team so far into the league. But their victory this time was no fluke. It was so clean that it almost looked like Burger Flippers did nothing between the time they received their first 0-2 beating against Flash Point Gaming and meeting them again for the scheduled rematch, except figuring out how they can return the favor back.

Zavier’s recipe for success was almost identical. On both games, he drafted a Grimstroke and Nyx Assassin combo to support their sidelines, while making sure to give Xemistry heroes that would effectively give Davis, Flash Point Gaming’s nimble-fingered midlaner, a hard time winning the lane against (a Dragon Knight versus Queen of Pain matchup in the first game, then a Pugna versus Templar Assassin in the second.).

Davis’ Queen of Pain is notoriously known in the league. Before his second meeting against Xemistry, he was averaging 16.3 kills, 2 deaths, 14.6 assists using the ranged nuker. However, none of these numbers showed up in the rematch, as was handed not only his first loss with the hero but also his first game with a double-digit death, ending the game with a 5/10/5 scoreline. Though he was able to redeem himself in the second game as Templar Assassin, it wasn’t enough to preserve their team from an utter defeat.

While Xemistry was successful at keeping Davis at bay, another contributing factor to Burger Flipper’s impressive win was Baosu’s performance. Though a huge part of the credit should go to Farnsworth for contesting GACHI’s safe lane and Jiren for effectively opening up early game kills, the up-and-coming player clearly outperformed his counter-part by a mile.

After two games, it seemed like the most effective way of bringing down the titan that is Flash Point Gaming is shutting down their one-two punch—GACHI and Davis. But Burger Flipper’s convincing victory is not just about finding the bully in the yard’s weakness. It also shed light on the competitive spirit of the entire league, proving once and for all that even the mighty can fall.

As the Oceanic Esports League enters its fifth week, Burger Flippers are presented with the chance to sit on the second seed of the standing as they face off against Sincerely Fury on Monday, May 11, 2020, at 20:00 AEST. You can catch in live on the tournament’s official Twitch channel.

For more information about the latest ANZ online Dota 2 league and the complete schedule of matches, check out the official Oceanic Esports League website and give their Facebook and Twitter pages a follow.


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