Oceanic Esports League Week 1 Recap: Flash Point Gaming Is Untouchable

10 true Australian Dota 2 teams have embarked on a new esports conquest as the Oceanic Esports League successfully kicked off 2 weeks ago and one particular squad is already demanding everyone’s attention.

Maouie Reyes
Freelance Esports Writer
7th May, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Flashpoint Gaming, much like the rest of the participants of the online ANZ Dota 2 league, is a unique team comprised of one professional Dota 2 captain, two experienced players, two high-MMR players, and two substitutes. What clearly sets them apart from the rest of the pack, however, is that after the first six days of the league, they are the only ones who will proceed to the second week of action without a taint in their pristine 4-0 win-loss record.

Sincerely Fury and Burger Flippers were the first two teams who dared to touch the Kousos1ve-led squad. Both two-game series were perfect examples of how dominating Flash Point Gaming can be, ending three out of four of their wins in under 30 minutes of gameplay. The kill deficits during those victories were also absolutely impressive. They were able to keep Sincerely Fury only at 13 kills on both games while they rack up at 32 and 40 pickoffs at the first and second games, respectively. Though Burger Flippers was able to put up a better fight, it wasn’t enough to hold Flash Point Gaming’s hunt for blood at bay as they finish off games one and two with 32 and 42 kills, respectively.

But Flash Point Gaming’s undefeated streak so far is not the only thing that makes them untouchable. A lot of credit for their success this week goes to their dynamic mid lane player, Davis, who debuted his professional Dota 2 career in the Oceanic Esports league. The rookie finished two stomps without even dying once. His first deathless performance was recorded during their second game against Sincerely Fury where he finished a 27-minute game with more than half of their total team kill being scored by his 21/0/10 KDA-Queen of Pain. Instantly the game after, this time against Burger Flippers, Davis’ Puck dominated a 28-minute victory with a 10/0/9 score.

Despite fewer games played this week, Flash Point Gaming’s convincing performances set them on top of the league’s KDA leaderboard at 7.81 with LoseYourself’s S A D B O Y S . A U coming in second with 5.85 KDA at the same amount of games played. They have the highest kill average at 36.50 kills per game, the lowest death average at 15.75 per game, as well as the highest assist average at 86.50 assists per game.

Flash Point Gaming looks to extend their undefeated streak as they approach a jam-packed second week of the Oceanic Esports League. Catch them live on the league’s official Twitch channel as they face up against Adió Chula on Monday, Team Poyo on Thursday, and Sweaty Soldiers on Saturday.

For more information about the latest ANZ online Dota 2 league and the complete schedule of matches, check out the official Oceanic Esports League website and give their Facebook and Twitter pages a follow.


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