NBA 2k League Daily Betting Tips - June 4th
NBA 2k League Daily Betting Tips - June 4th

Week 5 of the NBA2K League continues this Thursday, with a handful of fixtures featuring teams that are still looking to establish themselves as worthy competitors in the league, and an exciting clash between the undefeated Warriors Gaming Squad, who will look to extend their streak against the high-flying Hawks Talon GC.

Author: Michael Lee
Michael Lee
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4th Jun, 20·☕️ 4 min read

Magic Gaming vs 76ers GC

Orlando have not been enjoying their run through the league so far. Last week they dropped a winnable match against the shaky Cavs Legion, to which they added another disappointing result on Tuesday when they handed NetsGC their first win of the season (61-66, 49-62). There is no hiding the fact that Magic Gaming are struggling to deliver as of late, which was expected since they lost DT, who left the team to deal with some personal issues at the end of May. Nevertheless, Orlando will surely fancy their chances against the underperforming 76ers GC, who are entering this match with 0-6 record.

Philadelphia will be entering this match looking to turn things around following a poor start of their 2020 season campaign and use the bye week in their favour to see more success this Thursday. Although their performances as of late were not exactly stellar, 76ers had all the time in the world to prepare themselves for this bout. It’s now or never for 76ers and since they’re facing a team that not long ago lost to Nets, they should be entering the match with the needed motivation to claim their first W of the season.

Prediction: 76ers GC to win ($2.09)

NetsGC vs Celtics Crossover Gaming

Celtics are holding onto a disappointing 0-4 record, however they are slowly putting things together. Last week, they faced off against a hot Washington team, and while Celtics looked fairly competitive for most of the series, they once more proved they are not there yet. If there is one positive we can take from this team, it is the phenomenal performances from their star PG oFAB who scored +20 points against Washington and put up 128 points against Grizzlies (1-2). However until Celtics can count on oFAB to carry this team by himself, they won’t get far.

Nets are not a team you would expect too much from, however we should give them some slack as they have a team consisting of rookies and players who play out of their position. Having said that, Nets have proven their worth in their recent fixtures when they took down Magic and Heat. Additionally, Nets held their own against Mavs last week (65-71, 58-64), thanks to a great performance from their PG Choc, who has been tearing it on the court.

This match will come down to the key matchup between Choc and oFAB, which is not all too surprising since the 2020 PG class has been unbelievably good. Nevertheless, the game will be based on the contribution of the remaining four players, and I don’t believe oFAB’s teammates have shown enough for me to see Celtics as a team that will come away with a W.

Prediction: NetsGC to win ($1.49)

Grizz Gaming vs Pistons GT

Pistons GT took everyone by surprise with their win over Lakers Gaming, not so much because Lakers are a strong team, but rather because it was Pistons’ first win of the season. Their enthusiasm, however, was short-lived, as they dropped a match against Pacers and most recently against Cavs. The biggest problem with this team is the lack of backcourt contribution, especially when facing strong defensive teams.

If there is one week in which Grizz Gaming can deliver and bounce back from their slow start it’s now. They already picked up a win against Celtics on Wednesday and will look to add their third win of the season against the iffy Pistons. Although Memphis have not yet shown anything remarkable this season, they are in my mind a heavy favourite over Pistons, who have been experiencing mixed results since they reshuffled their lineup. Until Pistons find the needed stability to consistently deliver solid performances, I have to side with Grizz to extend their record to three wins.

Prediction: Grizz Gaming to win ($1.30)

Warriors Gaming Squad vs Hawks Talon GC

Warriors remain as one of two undefeated teams so far and if they can pick up wins against Hawks and Blazers, we would have to start believing this team just might end the season without a single L.

Hawks are hardly regarded as one of the top five teams in the league, but they’re not far from it. Last month, they showed up big time and played a very solid game against Raptors, but in the same game, we also got to see Hawks’ biggest weakness - inability to maintain a high level of play throughout all four quarters.

While I do see Warriors as the stronger team here, due to their consistency, I also have a hard time understanding the big odds on Hawks. They might have dropped a couple of games so far, but they’re not a bad team. Timelycook (SG) and KennyGotWork (PG) have both been putting up very impressive numbers and if ReeceMode (SF) can show up here Hawks just might surprise Warriors and take a W.

Prediction: Hawks Talon GC to win ($3.60)

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