LPL Summer Season Finals - Fantasy Tips

The finals of the LPL Summer Season is upon us with Top Esports facing Bilibili Gaming, while Funplus Phoenix go up against Royal Never Give Up. We take a look at the fantasy players that should make your roster.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
3rd Sep, 2019·☕️ 3 min read


Han Saem “GimGoon” Kim (19,580)

In the summer season of the LPL, GimGoon had the third-best KDA, and easily the best for any Top, all over a sustained period of 33 games. While his kills weren’t considerably high (3.33), it was his assists that made him invaluable, accumulating 6.79 assists per match. Along with Lwx, GimGoon made Funplus Phoenix nearly unbeatable. In the summer season, GimGoon had a winrate of 88% (29 of 33).


Wei Xiang “Lwx” Lin ($24,600)

Lwx has arguably been the most influential player in the LPL. He has an average of 66 picklebet fantasy points per match over 36 games. He is also very understandably the most expensive player in this entire slate. He has a KDA ratio of 6.76 (6.36 kills, 1.79 deaths and 5.73 assists). That makes him worth his price tag.


Yuan-Hao “Xiaohu” Li ($22,400)

Xiaohu is killed quite often. But that doesn’t mean much if you are aggressive because the kills and assists also rack up. And from a fantasy perspective, that’s all that counts. He has four deaths and nearly seven assists per match. Even though he has two deaths per game, Xiaohu is a valuable asset for any roster.


Dong-hyun “Ben” Nam ($14,080)

Unfortunately, when you pick stars from other positions, it leaves you having to make up one spot with a cheaper player. Ben could very well be that player for this roster. Assists is a key metric for a support player; Ben has 8.55 per game, fine numbers for a player of his price. He averages about 40 picklebet points per game too over a period of 35 games.


Hao-Hsuan “Karsa” Hung ($19,220)

In the summer season of the LPL, Karsa maintained his KDA ratio of five. He averaged nearly three kills per match and 8.37 assists, all while keeping a decent win-rate of 72% (25 of 35 matches). He nicely closes out this roster within the budget. He also accumulated in excess of 10k of gold during the summer season.

Total cost for the above five players = 99,880


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