LPL - Potential Teams for the Regional Finals
LPL - Potential Teams for the Regional Finals

With the Summer Split playoffs being just around the corner, teams have their eyes set on Worlds. While some teams might look to qualify via winning the LPL, others will rely on championship points.

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30th Jul, 20·☕️ 3 min read


Suning swapped places with Victory Five. Not only has Suning overtaken them in the standings, but they also beat Victory Five 2-1. Currently on a seven match winning streak, Suning are in a prime position to secure a top-four bye. This is good news for the team since they got zero points in spring due to missing playoffs. If they secure a top-four bye, they are guaranteed at least 40 points, which should qualify them for the Regional Finals.


Team World Elite

After barely making it into playoffs in spring, Team WE now have a good shot at making it to the Regional Finals. The team has had fairly consistent performances and tend to have entertaining matches. With Jiumeng stepping up as a potential MVP for summer, Team WE have found a reliable carry. Alongside consistent performances out of Morgan and Beishang, Team World Elite is looking to add to their 10 points from spring.

team WE

FunPlus Phoenix

Sadly for them, it seems like the Regional Finals will be the only way FPX will return to Worlds. After doing well in spring and the Mid-Season Cup, the team had a massive slump in summer. With GimGoon returning to the roster, FPX managed to halt their losses and won both of their Week 8 matches. While their spot in the playoffs isn’t guaranteed, the team has 30 points already due to spring. Making into playoffs will all but guarantee that they will make it to the regional finals.



The last team to mention in today’s article is LGD. While unlikely, it is entirely possible for LGD to make an appearance in the Regional Finals. Despite having zero points in spring, if they make it past the first round of playoffs, they could secure a spot. In a roster full of talented veterans, LGD has the experience that many other teams lack. This year is the first time in four years that LGD has been a candidate to make it into the playoffs.


It is important to note that while EDG does have 10 points, they shouldn’t be making it into the playoffs this split, so they won’t be able to add to those points. That is why EDG wasn’t mentioned on today’s list.

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