LPL-LCK Mid-Season Cup announces schedule

The best teams from China’s League of Legends Pro League and Korea’s LCK will make up this season’s Mid-Season Cup (MSC). The four-day event begins on May 28 with LCK champions T1 facing JD Gaming. The finals will be held on May 31.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
22nd May, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Teams participating

China (LPL):

  • JD Gaming
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Top Esports
  • Invictus Gaming

Korea (LCK):

  • T1
  • Damwon
  • Gen.g Esports
  • DragonX.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all games will be played online. The LCK teams will be competing from LoL Park in Seoul and the Chinese teams will be participating from the Shanghai Super Brand Mall. According to ESPN, “ping for the matches will be a uniform 30-40 milliseconds and artificially standardized to preserve competitive integrity.”

How do the groups stack up?

Two teams from each competition make up both groups.

Group A:

  • T1 (LCK, winners)
  • Top Esports (LPL, runner-up)
  • FunPlus Phoenix (LPL, third-place finish)
  • Damwon Gaming (LCK, fourth-place finish).

Group B:

  • JD Gaming (LPL, winners)
  • Gen.g Esports (LCK, runner-up)
  • DragonX (LCK, third-place finish)
  • Invictus Gaming (LPL, fourth-place finish).

Schedule and format

Group A (May 28, best of one)

  • Game 1: Fun Plus vs T1
  • Game 2: Top Esports vs Damwon Gaming
  • Game 3: T1 vs Damwon Gaming
  • Game 4: Top Esports vs FunPlus
  • Game 6: Damwon Gaming vs FunPlus
  • Game 6: T1 vs Top Esports

Group B (May 29, best of one)

  • Game 1: JD Gaming vs Gen.G
  • Game 2: DragonX vs Invictus Gaming
  • Game 3: DragonX vs Gen.G
  • Game 4: JD Gaming vs Invictus Gaming
  • Game 5: Invictus Gaming vs Gen.G
  • Game 6: JD Gaming vs DragonX

Where to watch the Mid-Season Cup?

Riot Games’ official Twitch channel will stream the games live.

Why MSC?

In April, Riot Games announced the cancellation of the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This tournament, a LPL-LCK combined showdown, replaces that event.


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