LoL (World Championships) Daily Betting Tips - September 24th

The play-in of the League of Legends World Championship begins on Friday with five games. We have handpicked two teams that you could consider for your bet slip.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
24th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

LGD Gaming v PSG Talon

LGD Gaming (1.14)

The odds for LGD Gaming are too low for a Worlds Championship game. However, there is such a big difference in skill between these two teams that these odds are a fair reflection of the status of this matchup. LGD Gaming have been so steady in the LPL right through the year. They had a breakout campaign in the recently-concluded summer split of the LPL. PSG Talon will have a massive problem in keeping some of LGD’s stars away from the neutral objectives.


Over 99 games in 2020, Kramer has maintained a kill rate of 3.81. He even has a KDA of 4.13. Peanut has given Kramer able support with 3.1 kills in as many games. These are the only two players to have played all games this calendar year for LGD Gaming. They will continue to rely on them for offensive production. Even though the rest of the roster has been middling, there is enough to suggest there could be a blowout victory in this game for LGD.

Team Liquid v Mad Lions

Team Liquid (2.19)

This is the matchup of the opening day. North America’s resurgent Team Liquid face the explosive roster of the LEC’s Mad Lions, who enjoyed another terrific summer split after a breakout spring campaign. However, it would be a mistake to underestimate Liquid in this contest. They were probably the most surprising team in this season’s summer split in the LCS because of their consistency despite the departure of ADC Doublelift to TSM. Mad Lions are an aggressive team. That template can always leave a gaping hole if that style doesn’t come off.


Offensive production will have to come from a strong trio of Jensen, Impact and Tactical. CoreJJ has done a steady job in his support of his bot laner. Through the year, he has maintained a KDA of over 4. Tactical has a tough role to fill in the lanes. He has averaged 3.8 kills, 1.85 deaths and 5.21 assists per game. Mad Lions will look to nullify this output, but Liquid will hold their own in this game.


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