LoL (World Championships) Daily Betting Tips - October 3rd

Finally, the main stage of the LoL Worlds will begin on Saturday with some delectable matches. Here are some predictions for your bet slip for Saturday’s games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
2nd Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

FlyQuest v Top Esports

Top Esports (1.14)

Top Esports have repeatedly proved they are one of the best teams, not just in China but in Asia. They have relied heavily on the might of their mid laner and bot laner combination in Knight and JackeyLove. That will continue to be the case right through this competition as well. FlyQuest had a solid competition in the summer split of the LCS. That should give them plenty of confidence. However, one important consideration is that Top Esports are at home, in China. Although this event is in a bubble, there should be a lot of confidence for Top Esports after yet another successful campaign in the LPL.

Unicorns of Love v DragonX

DragonX (1.28)

This is slightly more tricky. DragonX are well-rested, but there is also a case of being rusty after a long break. Unicorns of Love have made the main stage after quite a solid play-in event through the last few days. Still, DragonX have a lot more depth and quality in their roster, when compared to UoL. DragonX have a slower, more methodical pace of play that often sees their competition blown away by the sheer discipline of the LCK. Going for neutral objectives and finding a counter-attack is going to be hard for UoL against DragonX.

Damwon Gaming v JD Gaming

JD Gaming (2.24)

This is arguably the match of the weekend at Worlds. JD Gaming, who will be led by bot laner Loken, will face the might of Damwon Gaming, coming off a stellar campaign in the LCK. I’m going for the upset in this game because of the temptation of the higher payout. To be fair, this is about 50-50, but there are just a few more factors on Damwon’s side, which has resulted in them being the favourites for this matchup. JD Gaming have been one of the most consistent teams in the LPL, often capable of beating the best repeatedly. They went into the spring finals tied at 2-2. They could have easily had one of the best years in their League of Legends resume if they were able to close out tight games. That will be at the top of their agenda at this event.