LoL (World Championship) Daily Betting Tips - October 6th
LoL (World Championship) Daily Betting Tips - October 6th

The play-in of the Worlds continues on Wednesday with several games. Here are predictions for two of them for you to consider on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
6th Oct, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Hanwha Life Esports vs Red Canids

Hanwha Life Esports (1.19)

Hanwha Life Esports were well below par in the regular season of the summer split in the LCK. They finished eighth with a 7-11 record, with a 17-26 map record. However, they came alive towards the end of the season, which ensured their qualification into the play-in of Worlds. Now, they will find a discernible difference in skill and confidence between the rest of the competitors, which will show in matches like these against a team like Red Canids that comes from a much-slower league in Brazil (CBLoL). Hanwha Life Esports should cruise comfortably to a win in this game and boost their chances of making the main event.


In the regular season of summer, Hanwha Life Esports were forced to use eight players. Chovy led the efficiency as well as the kill production, which is atypical. He generated 3.07 kills and 4.53 assists per map with just 1.88 deaths to carry his KDA to 4.04, highest in his team. He even led the team in creep score (316.88). Deft, Morgan and Dudu also chipped in with over two kills apiece in summer to aid the team’s overall production.

Cloud9 vs Beyond Gaming

Cloud9 (1.60)

Cloud9 were the best team in the LCS for a while before an inexplicable and drastic dip in form completely destroyed their roster. They were forced to make some personnel changes, but they still have not been able to recover the form and confidence that the Cloud9 of a few seasons ago were able to generate. They are now forced to qualify for the Worlds through the play-in, which might provide reason enough to ensure that they perform at their best.


Cloud9 are a team that usually rely on all-round production instead of one or two players for their kills. The LCS was no different as Zven led the production along with an average kill rate of over three for three other players. Only Vulcan had fewer than three kills in the summer season of the LCS. That is how Cloud9 will deploy their resources at Worlds as well.