LoL (Oceanic Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - June 19th

The League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) continues this Friday with Week 3 matches. So far, we have seen just how chaotic and close this league can be.

Michael Lee
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19th Jun, 2020·☕️ 5 min read

The League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) continues this Friday with Week 3 matches. So far, we have seen just how chaotic and close this league can be. Legacy Esports are entering the third week as the only remaining team with a perfect record, followed by Chiefs with 3-1 and a four-way tie between Avant, Dire Wolves, ORDER and, who all hold onto a 2-2 record.

Week 3 will prove to be a perfect opportunity for teams to get away from the pack and begin their climb, starting with the opening matches on Friday.

Dire Wolves vs Gravitas

Dire Wolves had a tough start of the season, losing both of their opening bouts against Legacy Esports and Avant Gaming. Things started looking up for the Wolfpack in Week 2, when they picked up wins against MAMMOTH and, to get back on track and regain some confidence they have lost in Week 1.

Gravitas, on the other side, failed to see as much success in their opening games. So far Gravitas lost to ORDER, Chiefs and Legacy, but managed to impress with a strong showing against Avant on the final day of Week 2. Praelus and Siuman had an exceptional performance, ending the game with a combined score of 15/0/18 and single handedly carried their team to victory. Dire Wolves picked up a similarly impressive win against Their bottom lane duo Vital and Decoy ended the game with perfect scores, while Shok-Mir mid-jungle proved too much for to handle.

Based on their performances in Week 2, these two sides seem to match up nicely and it’s hard to set them apart. Dire Wolves are still the rightful favourites, but if we can see the same contribution from Praelus and Siuman, Gravitas just might come away with a win.

Prediction: Gravitas to win - $2.55

Chiefs Esports Club vs MAMMOTH

It’s always nice to see an underdog upset the favourites and while there is no shortage of such wins in the OPL, I don’t believe this match is one of them. MAMMOTH entered the second split as one of the weakest teams in the league and they have yet to prove us otherwise. So far, they have already lost to Avant,, Dire Wolves and Legacy Esports, while their players put up some of the worst marks out of all players in the league.

Chiefs had a slow start of the season, but they did not need long to bounce back. Dragku has established solid synergy with Katsurii and played surprisingly well as support, while Claire seemingly found his old form and if he can enter this match with the same fire he has shown against ORDER, MAMMOTH will have no chance to pocket the W. Take the kills handicap if available.

Prediction: Chiefs Esports Club to win - $1.07

Legacy Esports vs

After winning Split 1, Legacy got off to a flying start in the second split of the season. Legacy already took down Dire Wolves, Avant, Gravitas and MAMMOTH without any real issues and are entering the third week of the competition with a perfect 4-0 record. had a slightly rougher path so far. After winning both of their fixtures in Week 1 against Chiefs and MAMMOTH, did not see the same level of success in Week 2, where they lost to ORDER and Dire Wolves.’s performances in Week 2 were disappointing, to say the least. Praedyth and Rogue failed to show up in the bottom lane, while Pabu did not look as dominant as we expected he would.

If performed slightly better in Week 2, I would consider placing a longshot bet on them, but from what they have shown, I don’t believe they will manage to stack up against the hot Legacy. Again, you can take the kills handicap if available to get a better price.

Prediction: Legacy Esports to win - $1.15

ORDER vs Avant

ORDER have finished both competitive weeks of the second split with a 1-1 record. In Week 1, they took down Gravitas and lost to Legacy, to which they added a dominant win against on Friday, only to drop the ball against Chiefs over the weekend.

In their match against Chiefs, ORDER looked at least somewhat competitive for the first 10 minutes, but once the game approached mid-game, they couldn’t keep up the pace with Chiefs’s ADC Katsurii and mid laner Claire who carried Chiefs to victory.

As for Avant, they started OPL Split 2 with a win over MAMMOTH and Dire Wolves but dropped both of their Week 2 games against Chiefs and Gravitas. Although Avant looked very strong against Chiefs and even held the lead for most of the game, their poor macro play eventually cost them the win. Against Gravitas, however, Avant played very poorly. Violet and Api both underperformed, while Chazz and LeeSA proved to be no match for Praelus and Siuman.

The problem with Avant is their iffy bottom lane and somewhat inconsistent jungle-mid lane synergy. Having said that, I was not too impressed with Only and Haeri either. This match could be much closer than the odds suggest and as long as Avant can shut down rare7, they should be able to come out ahead here.

Prediction: Avant to win - $2.23


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