LoL (Oceanic Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - June 13th

We break down the Oceanic Pro League Week 2, Day 2 matches and give our tips on the winners.

Michael Lee
Freelance Esports Writer
13th Jun, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

Legacy Esports vs MAMMOTH

Saturday, June 13 - 16:00 AEST

It’s hard to imagine a more one-sided match than this one. Legacy Esports, who are entering this match with a perfect 3-0 record are set to face off against MAMMOTH, who have yet to win a single match, let alone came close to doing so. So far, Legacy took down the struggling Dire Wolves, ORDER and on Friday, they defeated Gravitas. MAMMOTH, on the other side, lost to Avant, and Dire Wolves.

There is not a lot going for MAMMOTH here. They’re clearly one of the weakest, if not the weakest teams in the league, while Legacy look set to claim the title largely uncontested. Expect an easy win for Legacy so take the handicap if available.

Prediction: Legacy Esports to win - $1.04

ORDER vs Chiefs

Saturday, June 13 - 17:00 AEST

After coming out of Week 1 with an underwhelming 1-1 record, Chiefs picked up the pace and took down Avant in a very close affair which saw Avant hold onto the lead up until the 30-minute mark when Chiefs pulled away and locked in their second win of the season. ORDER, on the other side, began Split 2 with a win over Gravitas, to which they added a loss against Legacy and a fairly convincing win over

Chiefs’ mixed results in week one were, partially because they had to field their top laner Dragon “Dragku” Guo as support which obviously was a problem, especially due to lack of synergy. Things looked much better in their match against Avant and as long as Dragku can get Yuumi, he should be fine as support.

As for ORDER, on the other side were not particularly impressive in Week 1, however, showed a lot of quality against Ronan “rare7” Swingler played especially good, which could spell problem for Chiefs, since their bottom lane is a bit shaky. Although Chiefs seem to have much more solid top lane, this game has everything to be a very close one, but at the end of the day, ORDER looked far more solid recently and should come out ahead.

Prediction: ORDER to win - $2.46

Avant vs Gravitas

Saturday, June 13 - 18:00 AEST

Gravitas have yet to win a match this split, however, their best chance to do so just might come here. So far, Gravitas lost to ORDER, Chiefs and Legacy, while Avant picked up wins against MAMMOTH and Dire Wolves, but ended up dropping the ball against Chiefs.

Although Avant have yet to show anything that would make me believe this team can contest a top-three finish, they have a very strong jungle-mid synergy which is exactly what they need to take over this match and hand Gravitas their fourth loss of the split. As long as Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney can continue playing at the level he has shown, Avant should have no issues winning here. There is still a chance Gravitas might surprise in a BO1 match, but I don’t expect to see any miracles this weekend.

Prediction: Avant to win - $1.55

Dire Wolves vs

Saturday, June 13 - 19:00 AEST

I don’t know how to feel about Dire Wolves this split. They’re playing very poorly, which is somewhat a shock, but at the same time, it only goes to show how much of a difference a coach change can make., on the other side, did not look exceptionally good, however, they at least picked up two wins in week one and looked somewhat competitive against ORDER for the first half of the game.

Overall, looked far better in the opening games and the fact that this team has shown very strong objective focus and strong macro play makes me believe are severely underrated here. Dire Wolves will show up sooner or later, but from what they have shown so far, they will struggle to come away from this match with a win.

Prediction: to win - $2.60


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