LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - June 8th

The LPL resumes on Monday with a new-look eStar team in action. We break down both games along with predictions.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
8th Jun, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Oh My God v Victory Five

Oh My God (1.53)

Yes, Victory Five have already won more series and games than they won in the entire duration of the spring split. Yes, that will improve their confidence. However, this game will eventually come down to the level of skill of personnel between these two teams. Oh My God won seven series in the spring split, eventually finishing 12th on the table. They had a decent games record for that record, winning 17 of 38 maps at a rate of 45%.


In the spring split, OMG didn’t have even one player that averaged more than three kills per game. That lack of offensive firepower cost them significantly. They still had three players that had between 2 and 3 kills: Smlz (2.89 kills a game), Icon (2.79 kills a game) and Curse (2.37 kills a game). They will need someone to step up their offensive game in this split. H4cker was probably their best all-round player with a KDA of 3.24 and a creep score per minute of close to 6.

LGD Gaming v eStar

eStar (1.93)

There are several sub-plots in this series. Firstly, eStar have lost their rockstar mid laner in Cryin to Royal Never Give Up. Secondly, they have acquired Fenfen, who was traded from LGD Gaming. eStar’s personnel depth has reduced as a result of this trade considering Cryin’s stunning offensive returns. Still, there is a lot to like about this eStar team. They finished fifth in the spring split with a solid 11-5 record. They were even leading the LPL at various points during that campaign. LGD Gaming, on the other hand, finished 15th with a sub-par 5-11 series record.


Despite the loss of Cryin, eStar still have the services of one of their most proficient offensive players in Wink, who had 4.76 kills per game along with 7.62 assists, taking his kill participation to well over 12. They also relied on Wei as jungler. Wei had the most assists in the regular season of the spring split with an average of 10.68 assists per game. Next on that assists list in the entire LPL was their support player ShiauC with 10.54 assists per game.


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