LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - June 19th

Two of the best teams of the spring split, Estar and FunPlus Phoenix, will look for their second win of the summer split on Friday. Will they achieve their objective? We have predictions below.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
19th Jun, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Estar v LNG Esports

Estar (1.71)

Estar have made a sluggish start to this season. They have lost two of three series but they’ve also won four of eight maps. They haven’t been too bad but they will want to return to a winning record and then into the top six of the LPL standings. They have a fantastic chance to first move back to even for the season when they face LNG Esports on Friday. LNG Esports were underwhelming during the spring split, with just 5 wins in 16 series. They finished 16th in the spring season while Estar finished fifth with an 11-5 record.


ADC Wink has unquestionably been one of Estar’s best players through this year, including the spring split. In this summer split, he has averaged 4.5 kills and 4.88 assists per game. Mid laner Fenfen hasn’t been too bad either, averaging 3.63 kills and 6 assists per game. Wei and ShiauC have been steady in their respective roles as jungler and support player respectively. Fenfen has the best KDA in Estar with over 4.

FunPlus Phoenix v Team WE

FunPlus Phoenix (1.46)

FunPlus Phoenix have been a fantastic team this year. They struggled in the playoffs of the spring split but they finished the regular season third with a 12-4 series record. They have a 1-1 series record in the summer split so far but it won’t be long before they are well above an even record for the split. Team WE are no pushovers but just looking at the difference in skill of personnel, there seems like a massive gulf. I’d back FunPlus Phoenix to win, maybe not to win in straight maps, but to eventually come away with the points.


FunPlus’ ADC Lwx has been their best player so far this split, with 4.4 kills per game and 5.6 assists, taking his kill participation rate to 10. Doinb has provided able support from the middle lane, aggregating 3.2 kills and 8.2 assists. This ADC-mid laner combination has been one of FunPlus’ most striking features through the spring and early part of this summer split.


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