LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 30th
LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 30th

The LPL moves a step closer to the playoffs with two more games on Thursday, including Top Esports and a blockbuster matchup between Team WE and Suning. We take a look at some predictions from both games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
30th Jul, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Top Esports v Suning Gaming

Top Esports (1.28)

Just because Top Esports have made the postseason, it doesn’t mean there will be any less vigour and passion in their performance. They are currently third in the LPL standings after suffering a shock straight-maps loss last Sunday. They have won 10 and lost 2 series in summer so far. In terms of maps, they’ve won 21 of 27 maps. There is just far too much confidence and skill right through that roster to let up twice in quick succession. Suning aren’t a bad team by any means but they aren’t at the same level as Top Esports.


Mid laner Knight has led Top Esports this season in kills, with 6.24 kills per game. That is quite an astounding offensive kill rate over such a long, sustained period of time. He even has 7.11 assists, carrying his kill participation rate over 13. He has been very ably complemented by AD Carry JackeyLove, who has one kill fewer per map than Knight. Together, these two have dominated the LPL and carried Top Esports into the top three. It won’t be long before Top Esports move to the top of the table.

Team WE v Victory Five

Team WE (2.25)

I’m going for the upset here because Team WE have been under-rated in this fixture simply because of Victory Five’s unbelievable split form. In League of Legends, that doesn’t matter as much, apart from giving a team the confidence required to compete. This will definitely be a challenging contest but I can see Team WE winning two maps, maybe out of a total of three. Both teams are locked with identical series records as well. Victory Five has also lost two straight matches going into this game.


Jiumeng has been the leader for Team WE, in terms of offensive production. He has averaged 4.28 kills per game along with 5.81 assists. However, it is Beishang who has the best KDA (5.49) with 3.31 kills and 6.47 assists per game. Teacherama has done his bit as well, contributing in a more all-round manner. Team WE have needed just five players right through this summer split.

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