LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - July 24th

Day 5 of LPL Week 8 is here. On day 4 we didn’t see any big surprises, however today we will watch much closer matches. Let’s try to analyze two upcoming matches.

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24th Jul, 20·☕️ 2 min read

LPL Summer 2020: Victory Five vs Suning

Victory Five @ 1.52

Friday’s first match should be a good one. Suning is another team hot on the tail of the top teams. They have the potential of making it to a playoff bye, and they are close to securing their general playoffs spot. There is no way that they are giving up now after getting so near. However, Victory Five are in a similar spot. They are on the verge of making it into their first playoffs ever, and have the chance of making it as a top-two seed. Neither team will want to give up an inch, and the loser of this match should be unable to catch up to the top two teams.

LPL Summer 2020: RNG vs LGD

LGD @ 1.81

In the second match of the day, RNG will take on LGD. This match is RNG’s best shot taking a playoff team down a peg and bringing them to their level. While LGD may be in seventh right now, they are still in the range of RNG, who can still get it together in time for playoffs. That said, LGD won’t let it come easily. After tripping up quite a bit more than what they would like, LGD are still ahead of the bunch in the middle of the table. A win here will not only shove a direct rival further down but will help create distance between them and the other teams.


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