LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - June 9th
LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - June 9th

More LPL action is coming your way on Wednesday as the League of Legends circuit kicks back up for summer. Here is a look at two predictions for Wednesday’s games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

FunPlus Phoenix v Ultra Prime

Map handicap: FunPlus Phoenix -1.5 (1.26)

FunPlus Phoenix are an LPL powerhouse. They’ve proved that repeatedly over the course of the last few splits, irrespective of season. They have started the new summer split with aplomb as well, winning their opening game without too many concerns. This is a massive mismatch as well. With respect to the new Ultra Prime outfit, they just don’t match up well with FunPlus Phoenix in the lanes. Before they know it, FunPlus could be on soul point by just winning one or two key team fights. I’m going in for a comfortable 2-0 win for FunPlus.


Doinb and Lwx have been one of the most powerful and consistent mid-bot laner combinations in the LPL for a while now. It’s rare to find attacking prowess as well as consistency in the same combination. Nuguri led the kills for FunPlus Phoenix in their opening game with an average of four kills per map. Lwx wasn’t killed at all in the season opener: he had 3 kills and 3.5 assists per game as an average.

LNG Esports v Victory Five

Victory Five (3.55)

This is not a likely result, which is fairly reflected in the odds for this match. LNG Esports had a solid spring split in which they finished 10th with an 8-8 season record. That’s not too bad. However, Victory Five have made significant strides forward in the last few splits, including spring in 2021 where they finished just two positions below LNG. V5 managed 6 wins in 16 matches, which left them in 12th on the LPL table. In total, they won 15 maps while LNG won 16. That’s too close to call. As a result, the risk to reward ratio for an upset win is fair and lucrative.


Victory Five used eight players in the spring split of 2021. They were led by Trigger, who averaged 3.6 kills per game. Y4 managed 3.44 kills per game. However, it was Weiwei that had the best overall effectiveness in Summoner’s Rift with a KDA of 3.28.