LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - June 23rd
LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - June 23rd

More LPL action is coming your way on Wednesday, including a delectable matchup between FunPlus Phoenix and Team WE. Here is a look at the bets you could consider on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
28th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

JD Gaming v Victory Five

Map handicap: JD Gaming -1.5 (1.28)

JD Gaming haven’t quite made the best start to summer so far. They have won two and lost two to start the split, which is well below their usual lofty standards. They have a fantastic chance to improve on that 0.500 record when they face a Victory Five team that has struggled for fluency right through. Victory Five have started this split with three straight defeats, which won’t do much for their confidence and momentum in this fixture. JD Gaming have too much power in the lanes, which will make a massive difference while collecting neutral objectives.


Kanavi and Yagao have been at the top of their game, in the jungle and the middle lane respectively. They have both averaged well over four kills per game but Loken hasn’t joined the party yet: he has averaged 3.6 kills in the bottom lane, which is slightly below his usual levels of production. Zoom has chipped in with 2.7 kills and 5.9 assists per game at a KDA of 3.44.

Team WE v FunPlus Phoenix

Team WE (2.29)

This is the blockbuster fixture of the day across League of Legends in the world. Team WE, a powerhouse in the LPL, face a FunPlus Phoenix team that have found offensive firepower as well as consistency in a dangerous combination. Both these teams are extremely close together, not just in styles of play in Summoner’s Rift but also on the LPL table. Team WE are currently third with a 3-0 record while FunPlus Phoenix are fourth with a 3-1 record, their only loss coming against LNG Esports from a winning position. Team WE have plenty of skill and confidence to make this a compelling bet, particularly with the higher payout.


Breathe has been simply stunning in the lanes this season. He has averaged 5.57 kills along with 5.29 assists per game with a KDA of 7.6. Still, he isn’t the most efficient player in the team, with Elk doing a fantastic job defensively (4.71 kills, 1 death and 6.14 assists per game) to increase his KDA to 10.85.