LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - August 4th
LoL (LPL) Daily Betting Tips - August 4th

Two mismatches in the LPL schedule on Wednesday makes the prop bets more compelling than the match winners. Here is a look at two of those prop bets to consider on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
4th Aug, 21·☕️ 3 min read

TT Gaming v Suning

Correct score: Suning 2-1 (3.35)

The massive mismatch between these two teams is the reason that prop bets might be the best way to go here. This prop bet is basically suggesting that Suning will win the decisive third map in this match. And odds of 3.35 are fairly compelling for that outcome. TT Gaming are currently in the penultimate spot in the standings with a 2-11 record, with a 6-22 map record. Suning have been significantly better but not by too much. Suning are 10th in the LPL standings with an 8-7 record, with a 22-18 map record. This is indicative that it isn’t implausible that TT win a map here.


Xiaopeng has led the production for TT Gaming in this summer split. He has put up 3.39 kills along with 4.29 assists per game. There are problems in this TT Gaming roster in order to generate more kills because the next on that kill list is SamD with 2.29 kills a game. He also has a team-leading creep score of 292.68, which should suggest that these two will be influential reasons in TT Gaming winning a map in this match.

FunPlus Phoenix v Victory Five

Map handicap: FunPlus Phoenix -1.5 (1.23)

Here is another discernible mismatch, on a skill front. FunPlus Phoenix have won 11 of 14 matches so far in summer, which puts them second in the LPL table. They have also won their last six matches, which will aid their confidence significantly. On the other end of the table lies Victory Five, who are yet to win a match so far in summer. They have won just 3 maps out of a total of 31 so far. There is just too much on the side of FunPlus Phoenix in this matchup, which will make a difference down the stretch.


FunPlus Phoenix have been so consistent because of their all-round production so far in summer. Their offensive production is led by Doinb, who has averaged 4.14 kills along with 6.76 assists per game. He is leading the team in KDA (6.63) because he has a low death rate of just 1.74. Lwx, Tian and Nuguri have all chipped in with kill rates of over 3.