LoL (LPL & LCK) Daily Betting Tips - June 17th

The summer season of the LCK begins on Wednesday. There are also two games scheduled from the LPL. We break down some predictions from these two tournaments.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
16th Jun, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Invictus Gaming v Rogue Warriors (LPL)

Invictus Gaming (1.24)

Invictus Gaming have begun their summer split with one win in two series. Their win as well as their loss was in straight maps. However, Invictus Gaming have been a fine team for a while now in the LPL. In fact, in the spring split, Invictus Gaming finished at the top of the table. Granted, they didn’t enjoy a great playoffs but their sustained period of excellence right through the regular season was proof of their skill.


Invictus Gaming have relied heavily on their star ADC Puff, who has started this split from where he left off in spring. He has averaged 3.25 kills and 4 assists this season so far, with a KDA of 4.83 and a creep score per minute of close to 9. Mid laner Rookie has overshadowed Puff, which isn’t easy to do. Like Puff, he too has 1.5 deaths per map but his kill participation rate has been significantly better (4 kills and 4.25 assists per game). TheShy and Ning have chipped in with 1.75 kills per game from their positions of top laner and jungler respectively.

DragonX v T1 (LCK)

DragonX (2.41)

Is this such a big mismatch that DragonX have odds of 2.4? I certainly don’t think so. Firstly, both these teams had identical series records in the spring split’s regular season. Both teams won 14 and lost 4 series. DragonX even won one more map (31) but they lost one more too (15) than T1. DragonX finished the regular season with a seven-game winning streak. These numbers prove DragonX aren’t a bad team and probably don’t deserve to be underdogs. That also presents you with an opportunity to capitalize on the bigger payout.  


Deft was DragonX’s most prolific offensive player in the LCK’s spring campaign. He had 4.26 kills, which was second most in Korea. Along with 4.89 assists, he carried his KDA to 5.26. Their support player Keria topped the assists charts with an average of 9.13 per game over a period of 46 games. Incidentally, four of the six players that participated in the spring split for DragonX had a KDA of more than 5.


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