LoL (LPL & LCK) Daily Betting Tips - April 9th

The final of the LCK is here, with DWG Kia as heavy favourites against Gen.G. Over in the LPL, Royal Never Give Up will face Top Esports in the loser’s bracket. Here is a look at some predictions for these high-profile games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

DWG Kia v Gen.G Esports

DWG Kia (1.28)

DWG Kia are reigning world champions. They are arguably the best defensive team in the world. That characteristic has been one of the major reasons for their unprecedented success in the last few months. Even though Gen.G are a very good team, as was evident from their 3-0 mauling of T1 in the semi-final, matching up with the defensive skill of DWG Kia will be a hard task. Damwon Gaming are coming into this on the back of a 3-0 victory of their own in the semis against Hanwha Life Esports. Too many factors are pointing in the direction of Damwon.


Ghost and ShowMaker have provided incredible strength in the bottom and middle lanes respectively this season. Ghost has led the kill production with 4.74 kills and 5.23 assists, with a KDA of 5.72. From an efficiency standpoint, ShowMaker was even better during the regular season, producing 3.53 kills and 6.67 assists with a low death rate of 1.58, which carried his KDA to 6.46. He even had a creep score of over 300. Canyon has also supported them with a kill participation of over 10.

Royal Never Give Up v Top Esports

Top Esports (1.87)

Top Esports’ inconsistency has been unexpected this season. That’s because they possess such offensive depth that they should not be losing too many games. Royal Never Give Up were blown away in their previous game 3-0 by FunPlus Phoenix in the fourth round of the spring playoffs. Here are the factors. Confidence is about even between both. Top Esports might have a bit more momentum on account of their stellar run towards the end of the regular season. If Top Esports can maintain their defensive solidity, RNG might not be able to break them down easily. I expect Top to improve on their performance on Thursday, and move on from the loser’s bracket.


JackeyLove started the regular season with aplomb. He finished with a little over five kills per game. Knight was more effective than him despite having fewer kills because he maintained a lower death rate. This bot-middle laner combination will be key against Gala and the rest of RNG’s line-up.


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