LoL (LEC & LCS) Daily Betting Tips - February 12th

The LEC and LCS resume this Friday with five more fixtures.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
12th Feb, 21·☕️ 4 min read

The LEC resumes this Friday with five more fixtures. We have picked out two teams to back on Picklebet for Friday’s games.

Team Vitality v Excel Esports

Excel Esports (1.83)

In every split of the LEC, there is usually one solid team that just simply underperforms. In this spring split, it looks like Vitality is that team. They have started with just one win in six games. They are also currently on a five-game losing streak. That is not going to do much for their confidence and momentum. Excel Esports have actually been quite decent, winning four of seven games, including their last three games. On paper at least, the form and rhythm of Excel is too strong to ignore.


Patrik has been Excel’s most proficient killing weapon, averaging 4.14 kills per game along with 5.43 assists with a KDA of 4.47 and a team-leading creep score of 322.29. In terms of efficiency, Kryze has been Excel’s best player with a KDA of 6.33 built on just 1.29 deaths per map. These two players will be key again against Vitality.

Fnatic v SK Gaming

Fnatic (1.32)

Fnatic lost one of the best bot laners in the LEC as Rekkles moved away to G2 Esports. That left a considerable void in their system, but they’ve done to stay abreast with the rest of the LEC in the early stages of this new season. They have now won two straight games after a good weekend to move to 4-3 for the season. SK Gaming, on the other hand, have a 3-4 season record, which has resulted in them slipping down to seventh in the LEC table. Fnatic, with Nisqy and SelfMade in excellent killing form, will be a bit too hard to get past in the lanes.


SelfMade and Bwipo have averaged more than four kills per game each this split, providing Fnatic with some offensive firepower in the top and middle part of Summoner’s Rift. Along with 7.86 assists, SelfMade has carried his kill participation to well over 12. Nisqy has been a reliable force too, providing 3.43 kills and 8.14 assists per map.

The LCS is back this Friday with a round of five more games. Will Cloud9 remain unbeaten? Will FlyQuest upset 100 Thieves? We take a look at some predictions from Friday’s round of fixtures.

Evil Geniuses v Cloud9

Cloud9 (1.57)

Cloud9 are one of only two teams in the LCS to stay unbeaten in this spring split so far, along with 100 Thieves. Even though Cloud9 have lost some key parts of that offense, they have made some smart replacements. Evil Geniuses will always be a tough team to beat in the LCS because of their lane prowess but Cloud9 have proved themselves as one of the most explosive teams. EG have a 2-1 record, which isn’t bad but they will find a rejuvenated Cloud9 team too hot to handle.


Zven has been in sensational early-season form. He has averaged 5.67 kills and 6.33 assists with a death rate of just 0.67, which has lifted his KDA to 18. From an offensive standpoint, he has been upstaged by Blaber, who has racked up an astounding kill participation rate so far (6.33 kills and 10.33 assists per game) with a KDA of 16.67. New recruit Perkz has a kill participation of 11 with 3.67 kills per map this season.

Team Dignitas v Immortals

Team Dignitas (1.79)

Dignitas and Immortals are two solid teams in the LCS. However, Dignitas is one of the most improved teams this season after a lacklustre 2020 (in both summer and spring). Both teams have started with a 1-2 split record to date. I’m going with Dignitas because they just have a little more depth and firepower in their roster, which will be evident in team fights. The first two dragons will be key in this game, and if Dignitas win one or two early engagements, they could be on soul point sooner than expected.


Neo has been in sensational killing form this season, averaging 5.33 kills per game. No other player in Dignitas has over 2 kills per game. They will continue to rely on Neo for penetration in the lanes. Every player, apart from Neo, has averaged over four assists though, an indicator of the all-round progress this team has made in the lanes.


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