LoL (LCS) Daily Betting Tips - March 21st

LCS Spring split will finally continue, online though, due to the coronavirus pandemic

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20th Mar, 20·☕️ 3 min read

The LCS is entering its eighth week of play and the teams are certainly amping up their play. Some are continuing to underperform, while others are defying expectations.

LCS Spring 2020: Immortals vs TSM

TSM @ 1.33

Looking at the stats, Week 8 will be a 0-2 for TSM, as they have been flip-flopping between 2-0 and 0-2 each week. However, this will probably be the week they break the curse. TSM are coming off a stellar pair of performances, beating previously undefeated Cloud9 and second place rivals FlyQuest. These were the clear top two teams until TSM took them down back-to-back. If fate does not gift Immortals the win, then this match-up will be TSM-favored.

Immortals played TSM back in Week 1, and actually won. This was the 61-minute match that warped their average game time. Even now, Immortals and TSM have the longest average game times in the LCS, but they are only about 1 minutes slower than the rest. TSM tends to win the early game, while Immortals tends to fall behind and either get snowballed on or claw their way back in.

LCS Spring 2020: Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses @ 2.26

This week’s feature match is Evil Geniuses versus Team Liquid. Fresh off their first 2-0 weekend, Evil Geniuses looks to keep the momentum rolling into the playoffs. While Team Liquid’s rather disappointing 0-2 weekend puts them in an almost must-win situation. After making the switch to the LCS Jiizuke has looked revitalized. He has played 9 unique champions across the first 14 games, second-most in the league. With his diversity and loose playstyle coupled with the consistency from the bot lane, EG has solidified themselves as real contenders in the LCS.

Even though Doublelift has stated he has been having some motivational issues this split, fans should still expect a big weekend from the star. This team has played around Doublelift for most of its existence. He will need to get his motivation and A game back if the team wants a chance at making the playoffs this split and it all starts this weekend.


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