LoL (LCK) Daily Betting Tips - July 1st
LoL (LCK) Daily Betting Tips - July 1st

The LCK is now moving to the business end where matches assume greater significance. We break down two matches from Thursday’s schedule from the LCK.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
30th Jun, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Hanwha Life Esports v DRX

DRX (2.70)

This is a matchup between two of the worst LCK teams in summer so far. Hanwha Life Esports are currently ninth in the LCK standings with a 1-5 record, while DRX have lost all six of their matches to date. DRX are currently 10th with a 2-12 map record. That doesn’t inspire much confidence. However, it’s also important to note that between two of the worst teams in a league, form might not be such an influential factor. Hanwha Life Esports start off as favorites, which is understandable. But that also gives bettors a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the higher odds for DRX in this game.


DRX have just struggled from the outset with offensive production. That has been, and will continue to be, a problem for DRX. Their offense has been jointly led by Pyosik and Bao, who have both managed 1.79 kills per map apiece. Bao is the only player in DRX to have a KDA of over 2 (2.06). You can understand why the team has had so many problems this season.

Afreeca Freecs v Sandbox Gaming

Afreeca Freecs (1.72)

Afreeca Freecs have only been slightly better than Sandbox Gaming this split. Afreeca Freecs have won four of six matches in summer to date, which has put them in fourth on the LCK table. Afreeca Afreecs have had a history of not achieving to their standard in previous splits but they will have a chance to rectify that if they can maintain that position going forward. A win against Sandbox Gaming will go a long way in pushing Afreeca closer to the LCK playoffs. Sandbox are now 3-3 for the season with eight map wins out of 15 attempts. There isn’t much to separate these two teams but it seems that Afreeca Freecs could have just enough offensively.


Kiin has led the offense for Afreeca Freecs this season with 3.5 kills and 3.93 assists per map with a decent KDA of 3.71. He also leads the team in creep score (312.71). He has been given able support by Leo, who leads Afreeca Freecs in efficiency, with a KDA of 3.96. He also has managed 3.21 kills per map in summer.