LoL (LCK) Daily Betting Tips - August 18th
LoL (LCK) Daily Betting Tips - August 18th

The LCK has entered its playoffs as well. The quarterfinals open on Wednesday with Nongshim Redforce facing Afreeca Freecs. Here is a breakdown of the first two matches of the LCK summer playoffs.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
17th Aug, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Nongshim Redforce vs Afreeca Freecs

Map handicap: Afreeca Freecs +1.5 (1.62)

Nongshim Redforce were exceptional through the regular season of the summer split. They had won 12 of 18 matches to finish third in the league, well above their expected finish in the LCK standings. However, Afreeca Freecs weren’t too far behind, finishing sixth but with a 11-7 record. Just one win separated these two teams. They also finished the regular season with a bit of momentum which included three wins in three matches. For this market to return, Afreeca Freecs need to just win two maps. And that is fairly likely considering Afreeca Freecs have been quite solid in the LCK for a while.


Leo has been Afreeca Freecs’ most effective player, producing 3.63 kills along with 4.93 assists per map. He also has the best KDA (4.64) with a team-leading creep score of 322.65. Dread, Fly and Kiin have all added over two kills per map as well to generate enough offensive production in the lanes in team fights. Every player in Afreeca Freecs has a KDA of over three.

T1 vs Sandbox Gaming

T1 (1.61)

Although T1 and Sandbox Gaming finished the summer season of the LCK with an identical season record, which included 11 wins in 18 matches, T1 are definitely the superior team in this matchup. If this was a best of one, the level of certainty would have been lower but in a BO5, you could say that T1 are simply too strong in the lanes to lose three maps. Sandbox Gaming overachieved in the regular season, which is a big factor because replicating that level of success is fairly hard to achieve in a playoffs match. T1 have been very consistent in the last few splits in the LCK, which is additionally a factor to consider while placing your bets.


Canna and Faker continue to be strong in the lanes. They have both combined for close to 5.5 kills per game over a period of 44 maps in the regular season. Teddy had the best KDA in the summer season but he only played 19 maps. He finished with a KDA of 6.11. Gumayusi had a team-leading creep score of 326.92.