LoL (Iberian Cup) Daily Betting Tips - November 5th

The best-of-five quarterfinals of the Iberian Cup kick into gear with the first match on Thursday. Here is a look at the teams to consider for your Picklebet bet slip from the first two games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
5th Nov, 20·☕️ 2 min read

EGN Esports v Slo Rejects

Slo Rejects (1.44)

Slo Rejects have had a terrific run up to this point of the Iberian Cup. Firstly, they beat Team Queso in Group D before also winning the qualification game. As this tournament has progressed, they have gained confidence and momentum. In the best-of-three to begin the knockout stage, Slo beat Off7 2-1 to book their spot in the quarterfinals. Against EGN, that fluency will hold them in good stead, especially considering they have lost just one map so far.


Lotus and Nash1c have both averaged over five kills per game. Together, they have put up an average of 11 kills per map. Siler has stayed abreast with 4.4 kills and 9.2 assists. Although his kill participation rate is strong, he has been killed an average of 3.8 times per map, which is a bit too high. Viketox and Lotus are the only players from Slo to have a KDA of over 5 in this tournament. This has been done predictably by keeping their death rate under 3.

G2 Arctic v Team Queso

Team Queso (3.25)

This is a punt play more than a certain pick. In competitions like these, there is often the case of skill being cancelled out by the pressure of a knockout game. There is no problem with the form or fluency with Team Queso, particularly after they beat FTW in the previous game 2-0 to move to the quarterfinals. After losing to Slo Rejects, they were made to work extremely hard, which they did quite successfully.


Roisin has been Team Queso’s star this tournament. He has averaged a stunning 6.4 kills, 1.6 deaths and 8.2 assists with a KDA of 9.13. He has been upstaged by the unparalleled efficiency of AFM, who has averaged 5 kills and 7.4 assists. But he has lifted his KDA to a terrific 20.67 by keeping his death rate down to just 0.6. He is even leading his team in creep score, averaging 296 with 431 gold per minute.


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