LoL (European Masters Spring) Daily Betting Tips - April 20th
LoL (European Masters Spring) Daily Betting Tips - April 20th

The European Masters continues on Tuesday with action from Group B. We take a look at some teams to back for your action on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
19th Apr, 21·☕️ 2 min read

G2 Arctic v SAIM SE SuppUp

G2 Arctic (1.71)

G2 Arctic have made a terrible start to play in the main stages of this competition. They have dropped three straight matches. They will require a desperate miracle to overturn this form in order to finish in the top two. They can start by beating SAIM SE SuppUp on Tuesday. G2 Arctic are a much better team than these results indicate, and that will be evident as group play progresses.


Only Supa has been able to generate substantial kill production so far this season. He has managed 4.36 kills along with 4 assists per game with a team-leading KDA of 4.38. He even has a low death rate of 1.91 and a creep score of 255.27. Three other players (Koldo, Fresskowy and Oscarinin) have managed over two kills per game without surpassing an average of three per map. It’s imperative that these three players improve on this kill participation in order for G2 to be able to create more depth in the lanes in team fights.

Misfits Premier v Ago Rogue

Misfits Premier (1.36)

This is likely the premier match of the day considering both these teams are jointly atop Group B with identical 2-1 records to date. Misfits Premier are understandably the favoured team because of their history in this competition. Misfits beat Ago Rogue in the other matchup between these two teams in this group. That will bode well for their confidence and momentum, particularly when it comes to early dragon collection inside Summoner’s Rift.


For Misfits, they have had three players posting 4 or more kills in this competition so far. Woolite is leading that production with 4.67 kills per game along with 6.33 assists at a KDA of 5.5. Sertuss and Shlatan have chipped in with four kills apiece as well. Jactroll has done his bit with 10 assists a map.