LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 9th
LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 9th

The European Masters has entered its knockout stage, with the quarterfinals to be played. Here is a breakdown of the first two matches, which include BIG and Misfits Premier.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Sep, 21·☕️ 3 min read


BIG (1.27)

BIG have been sensational right through the main event of the European Masters. In fact, they finished the group stage with five wins in six matches to top their group. They have been one of the more consistent teams in the second tier of League of Legends in the world. Their opponents for this quarterfinal, PDW, also won five matches out of six but finished second in Group B behind Movistar Riders. The reason BIG is so heavily favored is because they have been more consistent and have the deeper roster for team fights in the lanes.


Akabane is the leading producer for BIG, with 7.17 kills and 7.83 assists per map and a KDA of 9. That has been bettered at this European Masters by Keduii, who has racked up 6.33 kills and 6.83 assists with a KDA of 9.88. RKR has also chipped in with a kill participation rate of 14 (4.17 kills and 9.83 assists per map). Every player in this BIG team has a kill participation rate of well over 10 at this competition, which has been a major reason for their success so far.

Misfits Premier vs Vodafone Giants

Misfits Premier (1.27)

Misfits Premier was the top team in Group A, finishing with a 5-1 record in six matches at the main event of this competition. They have, like BIG, remained one of the more consistent teams in the European Masters. That will aid them under the duress of a knockout. Also, a best of five will help them immensely because over a longer duration, the skilled team almost always triumphs. Vodafone Giants are a solid team but they will need some luck in order to win sufficient team fights, which is unlikely.


Shlatan has been in sensational killing rhythm this season. He has averaged 5.17 kills and 7.17 assists per map, with a KDA of 8.22. He also has the lowest death rate of 1.5 per map. He has been ably supported by Sertuss and Agresivoo in terms of kill production. Woolite and Jactroll both have a kill participation of over 10.