LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 10th
LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - September 10th

The European Masters kicks on quickly with another quarter-final this weekend, between Karmine Corp and Ucam Esports Club. Here is a look at some match winner and prop bets to consider on Picklebet.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
10th Sep, 21·☕️ 2 min read

Karmine Corp vs Ucam Esports Club

Karmine Corp (1.19)

These are not exactly compelling odds but that also reflects the level of risk you will be compensated for. Karmine Corp finished at the top of Group D with a 5-1 record. Their only defeat in the main event of the European Masters came against Vodafone Giants in the group stage. Karmine Corp have been a consistent team in more than one edition of the European Masters. They finished with a 14-4 record in the LFL’s summer split, over in France. In the spring split, they had a 13-5 record. That confidence and momentum from dominance at home will certainly reflect in a best of five match in the European Masters.


While Cabochard has been killed an average of 2.5 times per map, he has still managed a sterling production rate. He has 6.17 kills along with 6 assists per game with a KDA of 4.87. Saken has been the team’s most efficient player, with 4.83 kills, 8.17 assists and 1.67 deaths at a KDA of 7.8. He has the highest KDA in Karmine Corp at this event. The team has been aided by production from other positions as well, such as xMatty, who has managed 4.67 kills, 6.83 assists and 1.83 deaths with a team-leading creep score of 267.17.

Total maps: Over 3.5 (1.57)

Can Ucam Esports Club win a map here? That’s the main question because if they can, this market will return a handy amount. Ucam had a solid group stage, finishing second by staving off Ago Rogue in Group A. They have won four of six matches to date, and will be keen to use that momentum to, at least, challenge Karmine Corp in the lanes.

They will rely heavily on the services of Hadess and Rafitta for offensive production. Both players have averaged well over four kills per map so far at this event.