LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - August 19th
LoL (European Masters) Daily Betting Tips - August 19th

The play-in event of the European Masters has reached the straight knockout stage, with four matches scheduled for Thursday. Here is a look at two of those games with predictions.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
18th Aug, 21·☕️ 3 min read

White Dragons vs Fnatic Rising

Fnatic Rising (1.18)

There are several mismatches in the knockouts of the European Masters, including this one. White Dragons performed admirably to top Group A after winning four of six matches but they do not quite have the depth and skill to stay abreast with the quality of this Fnatic Rising team. After starting in Group B with one win and one defeat, Fnatic Rising won four straight matches to finish with aplomb. That confidence and momentum will be hard to keep out for a team like White Dragons.


Bean has been in simply unstoppable form right through this play-in event. He has a kill participation rate of well over 12: 6.14 kills along with 6.43 assists per map. Along with a lower death rate of just 1.43, he has lifted his KDA to 8.8 with a creep score of 256. Maxi has also been in inspiring form at this event, with 5.43 kills and 8 assists per game. Interestingly, every player in this Fnatic Rising team has a kill participation rate of over 10 in this play-in event. Dajor and Pride have chipped in with a kill rate of over 3 as well.

Outplayed vs Ago Rogue

Ago Rogue (1.27)

Outplayed have been terrific through this play-in. In fact, they ended up topping Group C with a 5-1 record. They finished group play with three straight wins to outclass the rest of the group. However, they will be up against an Ago Rogue team that have been consistent at this level for a long time now. They finished second in their group, with a 4-2 record but lost the tiebreaker to Mousesports. In any case, there is sufficient skill and quality in that roster to sustain their excellence over a longer period of time. That should reflect in this matchup against Outplayed.


Lucker has been in strong form in the last few matches. He has generated 4.86 kills and 5 assists per game to earn himself a KDA of 3.83. But it is Lurox, who has led the efficiency for the team, with 3.43 kills, 1.86 deaths and 6.43 assists and a KDA of 5.31.