LoL Daily Betting Tips - May 29th

Group B action from the Mid-Season Cup is in the offing in Friday’s League of Legends schedule. Here is a look at three predictions from the day’s games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
29th May, 20·☕️ 3 min read

JD Gaming v Gen.g Esports

JD Gaming (1.57)

JD Gaming are LPL champions. They have been one of the most consistent teams in Chinese League of Legends as was evident from their run in the recently-concluded spring split. In the regular season of that competition, they finished with a 12-4 record which included a seven-game winning streak. They were consistent right through the playoffs as well, which eventually culminated in a win against Top Esports.


Arguably their best player and probably the best jungler in the LPL, Kanavi provided JD Gaming with so much depth. He had the most kills in the spring split, finishing with 4.19 kills and 6.86 assists per game. Loken and Yagao added plenty of value from their respective positions, adding a combined 7.67 kills a game.

DragonX v Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming (1.79)

Invictus Gaming were the best team during the LPL in the regular season. They topped the table with a 14-2 series record. They also win 28 of 39 games, most in the Pro League. They ended the season with four straight wins. However, the season didn’t end the way they would have wanted as they lost steam in the playoffs. Still, they possess plenty of depth in skill and experience.


Puff finished the LPL’s regular season with 5.18 kills, second best in the LPL. He was an attacking force, helping Invictus win games single-handedly with his offensive proficiency. Rookie proved to be quite an effective mid laner, adding 4.13 kills. TheShy has done a commendable job as top laner too.

DragonX v Gen.g Esports

Gen.g Esports (1.73)

It’s not that DragonX are a bad team but they haven’t quite been as steady over a sustained period of time. They started the season sluggishly before picking up pace, while Gen.g were more stable through the entirety of the competition. I see Gen.g’s top-place finish in the LCK as an additional confidence-booster as well.


Bdd and Ruler have been a strong mid laner-ADC combination for Gen.g. They were the only players to average over three kills a game during the spring split of the LCK for Gen.g. Ruler even finished with a KDA of 7, second best in the LCK.


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