LoL Daily Betting Tips - March 7th

We are ready for Week 7 of LCS Spring 2020 split. 3 weeks until the end of this spring split and the situation is getting hot. We will watch a big battle for the top 6 places that lead to the playoffs.

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5th Mar, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

LCS Spring 2020: Cloud9 vs TSM

Cloud9 @ 1.16

While taking on a 6-6 team wouldn’t usually be a big deal for Cloud9, this is a vastly important game for the end of the Split standings. A win here secures C9 a top-two finish in the regular Split. TSM is on the back foot after a humiliating 0-2 weekend to Team Liquid and last place CLG. While there is a chance, if we see TSM bounce back and take a surprise win here, the team’s disorganization and in-game struggles mean they’ll have quite the mountain to overcome to take down the LCS’s top dog.

With a lot of their carry potential this Split moving more top side, expect a heavy focus from TSM jungler Dardoch as he tries to get Broken Blade a solid lead up there against Licorice, with Blaber sure to follow to match him. Mid lane priority will also be a considerable factor given TSM’s struggles to win when Bjergsen loses lane. C9 will likely also set their focus here too to try and get Nisqy ahead. Bot lane’s going to be on its own when a drake isn’t up, so a lot of that lane’s success will come down to the 2v2 fights that are sure to break out between both sides. The big thing to watch, though, is surprisingly the clock itself. TSM almost literally collapses if a game goes past the 25-minute mark. So, if they don’t have a sizable or any lead by then, it could very well be over.

LCS Spring 2020: 100 Thieves vs Dignitas

Dignitas @ 1.65

With only three weeks of play left before the end of the regular season, this matchup between 100 Thieves and Dignitas is majorly important to both team’s chances at making the playoffs. Both teams sit tied in sixth place at 5-7. A win would give either team a major leg up in their fight for a spot in the post-split, especially for Dignitas. The team currently has a 1-0 record against 100 Thieves, so winning would give them a first tiebreaker, head to head, in case of a tie for the end of the Split standings. A win for 100T would force an end of season tiebreaker to go to the next criteria (according to the official LCS rules, this would go to “Strength of Victory Score”).

With so much on the line here, expect a rather bloody game. Both teams look to capitalize hard-on out of position opponents and moments of weakness for team fights. With Froggen looking like a much stronger mid laner as of now than Ryoma, we should see a lot of jungle attention focused elsewhere on the map. 100 Thieves’ Meteos should look to get Ssumday ahead on the topside against Huni. Grig for Dignitas looks to get a strong lead for their star rookie ADC Johnsun this game. Based on how these teams play, I’d expect this to be a pretty Dignitas favored matchup. However, the team has struggled lately and could come up short when it matters here. If Ssumday ends up on a big carry, things could end pretty dire for the yellow owls.

LCS Spring 2020: FlyQuest vs Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses 2.60

Featuring two teams with two entirely different goals heading into the last few weeks of the season, FlyQuest vs. Evil Geniuses is one of the most important 2020 LCS Week 7 matches to watch. FLY will be looking to put some more distance between itself and the rest of the pack in their quest to hold onto second place. Evil Geniuses will be looking to notch another win in their belt as they try and fight to get above the rest of the teams in sixth for a spot in the playoffs. EG struggled to remain consistent throughout the Split. The bright spots on their team should keep FlyQuest wary, especially around mid-laner Jiizuke. The Italian Stallion has been instrumental in EG finding many of their wins this season so far. If he manages to find an early kill or two, with the help of Svenskeren, they could take over the game. Expect the team to focus on getting him onto a hyper carry or assassin to facilitate this. It will likely come towards the end of the draft to set up a counter pick for him against one of the league’s best mid-laners, PowerOfEvil.

FlyQuest, meanwhile, has been the strongest when building leads off of IgNar and his roams. Watch for Santorin to come down early to help him and WildTurtle get a lead in the bottom lane so he can leave to set up kills elsewhere on the map. If they can shut down Jiizuke and Svenskeren, EG’s going to have a hard time finding a win condition. Expect to see a lot of the roams toward that middle lane of the map. This game could go either way, depending on which side the proverbial coin lands for EG this week.


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