LoL Daily Betting Tips - March 2nd

What’s going on in LCS Spring Split? Week 6 is almost over, and 2 more matches will be played on Monday to conclude Week 6. Let’s check them out.

rand 1919
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2nd Mar, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

LCS Spring 2020: Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals

Immortals @ 1.47

Last time these teams matched up, Altec was IMT’s saving grace. He was the only one staying ahead in farm, staying alive, and keeping waves pushing against CLG. This small bit of pressure eventually allowed them to backdoor to win the game. Altec also had an off Week 5, so look for him to bounce back this week in both games. If CLG wins this match, then LCS viewers will quickly bail on any hope they had for IMT. CLG is the last place team who swapped one position last week. They have only won one match, but are waiting for that one team to slip up and give them the momentum to climb the standings. This would simultaneously be awful for IMT to lose and great for CLG to win.

LCS Spring 2020: Dignitas vs Cloud9

Cloud9 @ 1.24

Another battle near the top of the standings sees No. 1 Cloud9 take on No. 4 Dignitas in a bit of repeat of the day before, as C9 looks to push its lead over the rest of the league further while DIG looks to dig itself out of the middle of the pack. C9 wants to end Week 6 with a continued perfect record. DIG will be looking to continue trying to pull themselves out of the rut they’ve got themselves into. Another battle around the mid lane between Nisqy and Froggen should see a lot of jungle focus here but watch out for C9’s bottom lane to make some strong plays as Zven and Vulcan look to gain another big advantage over Johnsun and Aphromoo. Blaber and Grig will be the big deciders in tempo this game, so their ganks and pressure will be instrumental in determining who can get a lead and start roaming around the map. That’s all our games of the week, so don’t forget to tune in. My prediction: Cloud9 win. 12-0 win streak incoming?


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