LoL Daily Betting Tips - January 17th

Four days of LPL Spring season are already behind us. We have witnessed few surprises and underdogs taking on the big LPL names. Playday 5 is here and we will analyse 2 upcoming matches.

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17th Jan, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

LPL Spring 2020: FunPlus Phoenix vs eStar

FunPlus Phoenix @ 1.05

The odds here are very low since FPX are big favourites to win this match and whole LPL Spring 2020 season. Let’s focus more on a match analysis here (rather than the match odds) and previous matches that both teams have already played in the LPL Spring 2020 season. What happened in the first match for FPX in this season? Well, they have stumbled upon Invictus Gaming, who beat them 2-1 in the opening day of this year’s LPL. Although FPX was favoured at the start, IG managed to make the first surprise at the start of the season. We can say, it was deserved, IG are aiming for top 4 in this split. On the other side, eStar as the new organization managed to shock the whole chinese LoL community. With relatively unknown players and in their first LPL match ever, they have managed to beat favoured Rouge Warriors with easy 2-0. Impressive match and games. However, this time, they need to face the more experienced team and the LoL World Champions in 2019. Can they surprise FPX too, like they did Rogue Warriors? We don’t believe it, that’s why FunPlus Phoenix are heavy favourites here to take this match easily. We expect FunPlus Phoenix to take this with 2-0.

LPL Spring 2020: LNG Esports vs TOP Esports

TOP Esports @ 1.33

TOP Esports are top 3 LPL Summer 2019 split finishers. Their 2019 summer season was really impressive, but sadly they didn’t manage to qualify for the World 2019. Invictus Gaming was little bit better in the 2019 LPL regional finals. This season they have promoted a few players from the junior team to the main team, and it will be interesting to see if they are capable for a top 4 finish like last split. They look strong and they are top contenders too, but we will know more after we see them in action. After adding 2 main and 2 sub players to the team, LNG’s lineup looks a lot different compared to last season. LNG already played their first match in this season. They beat LGD in a close 2-1 match. We think this is a much closer match than the odds are suggesting, but in the end TOP esports should be victorious, even though we think we will watch all 3 maps.


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