LoL Daily Betting Tips - January 15th

Day 2 of LPL Spring 2020 brought us another upset with the newcomer in the LPL, eStars, managing to beat the more experienced Rogue Warriors with a clear 2-0. We are going into day 3 of LPL with some interesting matches.

rand 1919
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15th Jan, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

LPL Spring 2020: Vici Gaming vs BiliBili Gaming

BiliBili Gaming @ 1.60

Bilibili Gaming is entering the new season with the new mid lane player FoFo who was recruited from J-Team. It will be interesting to see how this change will improve their play and team work, because BLG will surely aim for the top 4 place finish at the end of this season, like last season. On the other side ViCi Gaming will participate in this LPL split with a completely new lineup. In the offseason they recruited 7 new players and promoted 1 player from the academy team. BLG are top 4 LPL Summer 2019 finishers, while VG were positioned in 13th place (or lower) at the end of each split in 2019. Taking everything into consideration, I would give a slight advantage to BiliBili Gaming. In the end, this is BO3 match and we will watch at least 2 maps where both teams will show how they will look in the new season.

LPL Spring 2020: Invictus Gaming vs Dominus Esports

Invictus Gaming @ 1.17

We all know who Invictus Gaming are in the League of Legends scene. They dominated LPL for few seasons and they have finished top 4 at the last LoL World Championship. Coming into the 2020 season they have completely replaced their bottom lane with new players like Soutwind and Baolan. LPL 2019 season was the first one for Dominus Esports, but they didn’t have any groundbreaking results and top finishes. Last year in May, in the offseason, they have participated in NEST 2019 and have managed to take the tournament beating BiliBili Gaming in the grand finals. It will be interesting to see how their new mid laner will improve their team play. Overall, IG are looking to start their LPL Spring 2020 with a victory. We don’t see how can this match go in Dominus favour. Clear favourites here are: Invictus Gaming.


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