LoL Daily Betting Tips - February 3rd

FlyQuest vs Dignitas and TSM vs CLG will mark the end of the LCS Spring 2020 week 2. After this 6th matchday, we will find out who will stay at the top of the table and who will sink to the bottom.

rand 1919
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3rd Feb, 20·☕️ 3 min read

LCS Spring 2020: FlyQuest vs Dignitas

Dignitas @ 1.58

This match marks the battle of two of the current top 4 teams in the group stage. Each team has played 3 matches until now. Dignitas is currently ranked in 1st place together with Cloud 9. Both teams are holding position 1 with a 3-0 record. On the other side, FlyQuest is sitting in the 3rd place together with 100 Thieves with the same 2-1 record. Dignitas had a pretty hard schedule, as they played vs CLG, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid in the first 3 rounds. They won all their matches which was impressive I must say. They are the team that surprised us the most with their performance during the first rounds of the LCS. However, FlyQuest didn’t have an easier schedule. They won against Immortals and CLG, and lost against favourites Team Liquid. In this match I think Dignitas are favoured team and I believe Huni and Froggen will carry them to victory over FlyQuest. My bet: Dignitas win.

LCS Spring 2020: TSM vs CLG

TSM @ 1.60

This match marks the battle of lower ranked teams. After 3 rounds in the LCS Spring 2020, TSM are holding a disappointing 7th place. They are the team who has disappointed the community the most so far, as they were one of the favourites to win this LCS season. There is such a legacy behind this team, and with this new season, they haven’t fulfilled expectations for now. After 3 matches played, they have a 1-2 record. They won against Evil Geniuses and lost against Immortals and Team Liquid. In the first 3 rounds they already played 2 favourites for the LCS Spring title, EG and Liquid. On the other side, CLG looks like the weakest team in this season of the LCS, at least for now. With a 0-3 record, they are currently ranked in last place for this season. Dignitas, FlyQuest and 100 Thieves have beaten them convincingly. In this match I don’t expect much from them. TSM are clear favourites here, even the odds are pretty good on TSM. But in the end, TSM is the more quality team here, and I do believe they should win this. My bet: TSM win.


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