LoL Daily Betting Tips - February 1st

This weekend marks the Week 2 of the two biggest western League of Legends leagues. We will see both LCS and LEC week 2 matches and see how teams did prepare for the upcoming round. This time, we will focus and analyse two LCS matches that will be played on Saturday.

rand 1919
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31st Jan, 20·☕️ 2 min read

LCS Spring 2020: Team Dignitas vs Team Liquid

Team Liquid @ 1.49

Week 1 of LCS was a blast. Team Dignitas is leading the table with 2 wins from 2 matches. They had an amazing week 1 by beating both Counter Logic Gaming and Evil Geniuses. Can they continue this streak? We will see. On the other side Team Liquid didn’t open week 1 as many of their fans expected. They have a loss vs strong Cloud9, but a win vs always favoured TSM. Let’s keep in mind, TSM are one of the most accomplished teams in LCS. Even tho, Dignitas is looking good at the start of this spring split, I would go with Team Liquid here. 1.49 odds are quite decent for their win, but they will need to show a little bit more than in two previous matches. On paper, their lineup is insanely good.

LCS Spring 2020: Golden Guardians vs Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses @ 1.38

Golden Guardians are on the bottom of the LCS table, as many of us expected. They lost both vs 100Thieves and Cloud9. Seems like their completely new roster for this season of LCS will need some more time to show what they can do in this split. They still need better teamplay and communications, even tho i feel their individual quality is not that high at the moment. On the other side Evil Geniuses entered this LCS as one of the big candidates for top 4 finish. They opened their week 1 with a win and a loss. They have lost to Team Dignitas, and they have beat 100Thieves. They have an amazing, top quality players in their roster and I do hope they will finish at the top. However, first they need to beat Golden Guardians to go for 2-1. I think this is a pretty safe bet with decent odds. My prediction here is that Evil Geniuses won’t take this lightly and they know they must take this win vs one of the weakest teams in the LCS.


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