LoL Daily Betting Tips - April 8th

Six middling teams face off in Wednesday’s action from the League of Legends Pro League. Which match markets and prop bets to consider for your slip? We take a look.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
7th Apr, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Team WE v Top Esports

Top Esports (1.27)

Team WE haven’t done much wrong this season. Yet, they are languishing at ninth on the points table with a 5-5 series and 12-12 games record. They have lost their last two series though. That’s how competitive the LPL is. Top Esports have been far more consistent and steady right through the split, which has seen them climb to fourth in the standings with a 7-3 series record.


Knight and Photic have been the offensive leaders for Top Esports this split, averaging well over 4 kills per game each. Their sample size is large enough (23 games) to consider that a highly-efficient kill rate.

Rogue Warriors v Vici Gaming

Total maps: Over 2.5 (2.12)

Odds of 3.15 for Rogue Warriors are quite misleading. Yes, they have been below par this split, having won just 43% of their games (currently 10-13 for the split). Overall, they have a 4-6 record in matches. Vici Gaming are just two places ahead of Rogue Warriors in the standings but are heavy favourites.

Both teams have had their problems this season in closing out games. Considering that, it’s unclear if Vici Gaming can win this without dropping a map. Rogue Warriors have the ability to put on one spirited performance and take the total maps in this game to three.

Suning Gaming v Oh My God

Oh My God (1.44)

Suning Gaming are coming into this series on the back of a win against Victory Five. However, it must also be said that Victory Five are easily the worst team in the LPL. Oh My God have been decent right through this split, currently possessing a 6-5 record, having won 14 of 27 games to date. They should have enough depth to beat Suning, in two or three maps.


Oh My God have received decent support from several avenues, namely H4cker, Icon and Curse, who all average over 2 kills per game. They don’t have the same offensive muscle as some other teams in the LPL but they routinely challenge the best with consistency.


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