LoL Daily Betting Tips - April 2nd

We check in with the LPL and LCK and give you some tips for your Thursday evening betslip

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
2nd Apr, 20·☕️ 4 min read


Another three games in Thursday’s action from the League of Legends Pro League. Here’s a look at some markets to consider for your bet slip.

LPL: LGD Gaming v Team WE

Team WE (1.38)

Currently, Team WE are positioned eighth on the points table with a 5-4 series record and a 11-10 games record. That isn’t bad. However, LGD are struggling at 15th on the table with a 2-6 series record. They also have just a 37% winning rate in their games (7-12).


Jiumeng and Beishang have been Team WE’s destroyers. Together, they average about four kills per game each. Missing is averaging 9.48 assists per game, while Morgan has carried out his role effectively.

LPL: Rogue Warriors v Bilibili Gaming

Total maps: Over 2.5 (2.20)

There is almost nothing that separates these two teams. Rogue Warriors are currently 14th on the points table with a 3-6 series record. Bilibili Gaming also have the same record in their matches.

Bilibili Gaming are positioned one rank higher on account of a better games record (10-15, a 40% winning rate). Rogue Warriors aren’t too bad with a 10-15 games record, equating to a 38% winning percentage. As a result, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to back each side to cancel each other out, taking this to a deciding map.

LPL: Suning Gaming v Top Esports

Top Esports (1.36)

Over the course of this Spring split in the LPL, Top Esports have showcased their class and the depth in their roster. They have won 60% of their games, with a 12-8 record. They are on a three-series winning streak, which has carried them to 6-3, fourth in the LPL standings. Suning, on the other hand, are 12th with sub-0.500 records in both series and games.


Top Esports have played the majority of this split in the shadow of some bigger teams. That’s primarily because they don’t have too much aggressive efficiency. However, Photic and Knight have done a solid job in their respective roles. Knight is their key offensive player, averaging four kills a game.


The LCK has resumed from a short break for what could be an intense battle for playoffs spot as the regular season draws to a close. We delve into some predictions.

LCK: Afreeca Freecs v APK Prince

Afreeca Freecs (1.31)

APK Prince have not enjoyed a great time in the LCK so far, on either side of the three-week hiatus due to the coronavirus. They currently possess an 8-18 games record, which has translated into an underwhelming 3-9 series record, currently ninth in the LCK. Afreeca Freecs are looking to secure a place in the playoffs, currently fifth with a 6-6 series and 16-17 games record.


The majority of Afreeca Freecs’ struggles have emanated from their lack of offensive depth. Currenly, Mystic is their most effective aggressive player, averaging 3.38 kills. However, the rest of their roster have a well-rounded KDA, with a steady blend of defense and aggression.

LCK: Hanwha Life Esports v Damwon Gaming

Total maps: Over 2.5 (1.97)

Anything can happen in this game. It’s possible that even Hanwha Life, who haven’t quite been able to get on a winning streak to move past the crowded mid-table, could find a way to win two maps. Damwon Gaming will start as favourites, albeit not by much. In terms of split records, there isn’t too much between these two sides.

Damwon Gaming are sixth with a 5-7 series and 13-16 games record, while Hanwha Life Esports possess a 4-8 and 11-19 games record. Considering these factors, it might be most prudent to back both these teams to win at least one Summoner’s Rift map apiece. The odds are quite high for that result too.

LCK: KT Rolster v DragonX

KT Rolster (2.55)

This is a strategic play, purely based on a much bigger payout for a team that has almost as even a chance of coming out on top as their opponents. DragonX have been solid this split, with a 19-11 games record, which has pushed them up to third on the table. Kt Rolster are quickly chasing them, one position lower, with a 16-15 games record. Both sides have strong players to bank upon. I’d take the additional return.

Aiming will be the key player for KT Rolster, as he has been right through this split. He has the best KDA in the team with 6.65, built on 3.86 kills and nearly four assists per game as well. He will need plenty of help from Kuro and TusiN in this game though.


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