LoL Daily Betting Tips - April 24th / 25th

The playoffs from the LPL and the LCK intensifies with three games scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Here is a look at some predictions from both competitions.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
24th Apr, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

LPL: Top Esports v Team WE

Top Esports (1.18)

Let’s start with their regular-season records. Top Esports earned automatic qualification to the quarter-finals of the LPL by finishing fourth in the spring split with an 11-5 season record. They won 23 of 37 maps, giving them a win percentage of 62 in their games. Team WE finished well behind them, at eighth spot with an 8-8 series record. They won 20 of 41 maps, ending with a losing record.


Their most consistent players have been 369, Karsa and Knight. Of them, Knight has been their most prolific player, aggregating an average of 4.84 kills, 2.16 deaths and 6.65 assists to finish the regular season with a KDA of 5.31.

LPL: FunPlus Phoenix v Edward Gaming

FunPlus Phoenix (1.25)

FunPlus Phoenix started the season sluggishly with two straight losses. They were almost unstoppable by the end of the regular season of the spring split. Eventually, FunPlus finished third in the spring standings with a 12-4 series and 27-13 games record. Edward Gaming are coming off a tight win against Royal Never Give Up, which might have taken plenty out of them.


FunPlus Phoenix possess one of the best mid laner-AD Carry combinations in the LPL in Doinb and Lwx. Both of them have been absolutely stunning. They finished the spring season tied for kills, with 4.38 per game. They should lead FunPlus to the semi-finals here.

LCK: Gen.g Esports v T1

Gen.g Esports (2.27)

It’s interesting that Gen.g are the underdogs in this contest despite finishing the LCK as the top team. Granted, T1 were not far behind at all but still these odds are quite unfair to the might and consistency of Gen.g. For that reason alone, I see Gen.g as highly attractive with odds of 2.27 for almost no difference between these two teams.


From an offensive standpoint, Bdd and Ruler have led Gen.g well (3.36 and 3.89 kills respectively). Clid and Rascal have both given proper support with steady kill participation rates as well.


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