LoL Daily Betting Tips - April 21st

Tuesday’s League of Legends action from Asia includes a couple of games from Korea with the playoffs of the LCK and the CK in full swing. We take a look at some predictions from these two matchups.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
21st Apr, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

Challengers Korea: Brion Blade v Spear Gaming

Brion Blade (1.32)

Brion Blade enjoyed a solid season, finishing with 9 wins in 14 matches. Out of 35 maps, they won 21, falling just short of second place because second-placed Team Dynamics had a slightly better win rate (20-12, 63% win percentage). Overall, Brion Blade still carried a lot of confidence and momentum into the playoffs.

They will be up against Spear Gaming, who didn’t quite find their best during the times they needed it the most. Eventually, Spear Gaming finished with an 8-5 series record. They won 19 of 37 maps, just about staving off the challenge from Element Mystic, who finished in fifth place with a 7-7 record.

LCK: T1 v DragonX

T1 (1.51)

On the face of the matchup, there isn’t a lot that separates these two teams. In the regular season, they finished with identical series records (14-4). T1 had a slightly better win rate in their games. T1 won 30 of 44 maps to finish with a 68% win percentage in their games. DragonX were not far behind them at all, winning 67% of their maps (31-15).

There are two other factors to consider in this matchup. One, consistency. DragonX finished the season with seven straight wins, which bodes well for their momentum. However, T1 were more consistent over the course of the LCK unlike DragonX. In a best-of-five encounter, that might just have a part to play. Two, personnel. Let’s have a look at the rosters.


T1 have been led well by Teddy, who has managed 4.16 kills, 1.23 deaths and 4.59 assists, giving him quite a high KDA of 7.13. Apart from Teddy, Canna and Cuzz both finished the regular season with a KDA of more than 6. This is a strong indicator that T1’s defensive skills have been hard to match, which will give DragonX something else to think about as well. Effort and Faker were solid too in their respective roles.


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