LoL Daily Betting Tips - April 20th

The final set of games from the regular season of the LPL will take place on Monday. Here are some predictions from these matches.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
20th Apr, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Rogue Warriors v LGD Gaming

Rogue Warriors (2.22)

Rogue Warrior are currently 13th in the LPL. There isn’t a lot to play for but pride. They have a 6-9 series record with a 16-21 games record this split. Yes, they haven’t quite found their best but LGD Gaming have been worse with a 5-10 series record. There isn’t much that separates these two teams, which makes these odds unfair to Rogue. Therein lies an opportunity for bettors.


Haro has led the charge for Rogue Warriors this season with 4.48 kills in 23 games. Several of their players have been able to breach the landmark of a KDA of 3 but no one has quite been able to find their best. ZWuji will be a key offensive player in this game as well.

Team WE v Oh My God

Team WE (1.94)

If the previous game was hard to call, this is even more complex. Both these teams have won seven and lost eight matches so far. Team WE have a slightly better map record, having won 18 of 38 maps (47% win rate) while Oh My God have a 46% win rate. The big distinguishing factor could be momentum: OMG have lost their last three matches, which could leave them short of confidence.


Jiumeng has been Team WE’s star, averaging 4.74 kills and 5.83 assists, taking his kill participation to well over 10 per game. Beishang and Morgan have given Jiumeng good support from their respective roles.

FunPlus Phoenix v Top Esports

FunPlus Phoenix (1.41)

FunPlus Phoenix are currently positioned second in the LPL table after a stunning streak in the middle of the season. They are looking set for a deep run into the postseason. They are currently on a three-game winning streak as well. It’s going to be hard for Top Esports to stay abreast with the depth of this FunPlus Phoenix squad.


Lwx and Doinb will continue to lead FunPlus Phoenix with the playoffs on the horizon. They average a combined 4.43 kills per game, redefining how mid laners and ADCs work in tandem to protect their respective lanes.


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