LoL Daily Betting Tips - April 14th

The race for the top four in the LPL is heating up. There are three more games scheduled for Tuesday. We break down some predictions from these games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
14th Apr, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

Rogue Warriors v JD Gaming

JD Gaming (1.18)

JD Gaming have been in fantastic form over the last few matches. They have won four straight series to move to fourth in the LPL standings, within touching distance of the top spot in the spring split. They have a 20-10 games record as well. Rogue Warriors, though, don’t have the same level of skill as is evidenced from their current position of 10th in the standings.


Kanavi, Loken and Yagao have led the offense for this JD Gaming team. Kanavi is averaging 3.96 kills per game, Loken 3.79 kills and Yagao 3.18 kills. That means JD Gaming are receiving more than 10 kills per game from just three players.

Vici Gaming v Suning Gaming

Suning Gaming (2.80)

Suning Gaming have underachieved and underwhelmed right through this season. They have a strong roster but have fallen drastically to 13th on the LPL standings. They are a far better team than that. Vici Gaming are two spots ahead of them at 11th, but the odds for Suning are far too compelling to ignore.


From an offensive standpoint, Huanfeng and Angel have been terrific, both averaging well over four kills a game. To add to his 4.94 kills per game, Huanfeng also has a creep score per minute of 9.99.

LGD Gaming v Bilibili Gaming

LGD Gaming (1.87)

With the odds exactly equal, you just have to decide who has been the better team this season. The answer is LGD, albeit not by much. LGD Gaming are 12th with a 5-7 record and a 14-15 games record. Bilibili Gaming are 14th with a 5-9 series record. The contrast isn’t stark, but there is a difference.


Kramer has been the most potent offensive weapon for LGD Gaming with 4.48 kills per game. He has been ably supported by Peanut and Yuuki, who both have 3.59 kills a game on average.


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