LEC Spring 2022 Preview
LEC Spring 2022 Preview

After the old giants fell in 2021, leaving the door open for MAD Lions to claim back-to-back titles, Europe’s LEC (League of Legends European Championship) now returns for a fresh season.

Author: Lee "Couple Sodi Pops" Jones
Lee "Couple Sodi Pops" Jones
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13th Jan, 22·☕️ 5 min read

After the old giants fell in 2021, leaving the door open for MAD Lions to claim back-to-back titles, Europe’s LEC (League of Legends European Championship) now returns for a fresh season. 2022 will once again see ten sides battle it out for the top spot, looking to pick up the first LEC trophy this year and subsequent MSI qualification.

Competition Information

The Spring split kicks off on Friday 14th January, beginning with a best-of-one, double round-robin regular season in order to decide which six sides will then continue onwards towards the playoffs. Play begins with the new-look Vitality, whose superteam roster are among the favourites for the LEC crown, taking on holders MAD Lions, while Rogue will face G2 for the final regular season fixture on Sunday 6th March.

With no announcements having yet been made as to any changes in the playoff format, the league looks likely to use the same structure deployed in 2021 in which all series are decided by best-of-fives. There has also, so far, been no confirmation of playoff dates.


This previous format saw the top four teams start in the winners’ bracket with 5th and 6th seeds facing each other first in the losers’ bracket. The upper bracket draw was essentially decided by the 1st seed as this side had the choice of their first opponents from 3rd or 4th. Each round would see the losing team drop down to the lower bracket where sides battled to keep in the running.

The upper bracket and lower bracket winners would then meet for the grand final, ultimately deciding the league’s latest champion.

image3 Example bracket from Spring 2021

Regular season matches are generally held at Riot’s LEC Studio in Berlin, however “ongoing restrictions” and “the rising number of cases” have been cited as the reason to begin the split with players competing remotely. Given that the split is starting in this manner, it also seems unlikely that any live events will go ahead for any playoff stages; something that was commonplace for the LEC in the past.

The Current Season

With yet another tumultuous off season, one that also saw a new organisation enter the league, the strength of many sides has been drastically changed with new favourites emerging to take the spring split crown.

The biggest movers were, undeniably, Team Vitality. The French organisation amassed a European super team, bringing arguably two of the region’s best solo laners back from North America in the shape of top laner Alphari and mid laner Perkz. Joining them after winning back-to-back LEC splits last season is bot laner Carzzy as well as existing members Selfmade (jungler) and Labrov (support).


Old guards Fnatic also look likely to challenge for the top spot, bringing in previous MSI winner Wunder from rivals G2, Spanish jungler Razork from Misfits and mid laner Humanoid from MAD Lions. Both solo laners required buyouts from their former sides, having been under contract heading into next season, and the three new signings will join Upset and Hylissang in the bot lane who stay on from the team’s previous roster.

Speaking of MAD Lions, the 2021 two-time champions made the surprise decision to allow mid laner Humanoid and bot laner Carzzy to leave the team, being replaced by Reeker and UNFORGIVEN respectively. The two are largely seen as downgrades, leading to many questioning the team’s chances at retaining their LEC titles, however if there’s any organisation that has proved their ability to do great things with rookie talent then it’s MAD.


The final team most likely to push for to top ends of the table is 8-time LEC champions G2 Esports who have revamped their squad after devastatingly failing to qualify for Worlds last year. Departing the team is Wunder, Mikyx and Rekkles, the latter of which surprisingly failed to gain a spot on another LEC team. The trio is replaced by ex-Shalke top laner Broken Blade as well as a rookie botlane of Flakked (from MAD Lions Madrid) and Targamas (from 2-time EUM winners Karmine Corp).

Lee Jones’ Pick - Team Vitality to win the split


Despite a number of promising rosters being built ahead of the new season, it’s difficult to look past the star power found within the new-look Team Vitality. They’ve acquired the Western GOAT in Perkz, who brings unparalleled intangibles, alongside one of the best Westen top laners in Alphari. The pair may well work wonders alongside jungler Selfmade, known for his aggressive playstyle, creating a top-side that will surely terrify their opponents.

Of course, super teams’ success is never a guarantee (cough Misfits 2019 cough), however the clear astronomical highs that a lineup such as this could potentially reach is too much to overlook. Simply winning the LEC will not even amount to success for this roster, this side is built to challenge for international titles.

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